Doing extensive Internet marketing research is one of the essential steps in building a successful online business. This is the first phase of any business, web site or marketing campaign and can make the difference between making money or wasting a lot of time to get poor or no results.

As an Internet marketer you must define a market that you will market to. You need to have a clear definition of that market so that you can determine the needs of that market. It is those needs that you will address in your marketing and without a clear understanding of the market, you cannot provide the answer that your potential customers are looking for.

Whether your intention is to build an authority web site or blog, or you plan to build an affiliate marketing campaign, you have to do the research to establish what market you will address and what their needs are. Once you have this information you can target all of your efforts at addressing the needs of the market that you are working in. This will translate into more traffic and exposure and more sales and profits for your business.

Solid Internet marketing research starts with an idea.

Begin with a general topic or broad market in mind. This gives you a place to start and from there you can drill down to find the specific niches and topics that you can target.

Perhaps you are an affiliate marketer and you have a product that you want to promote. You might start your research with the product page. As you read the page ask yourself, who is this product for? Who will benefit from it? Who is this product vendor targeting?

Now that you have an idea who your target market is, it’s time to do a little keyword research to find out what that market is looking for. Use your favorite keyword suggestion tool and type in the broad search phrase related to your market. Now look at the search phrases that were generated and see if there are any that your chosen product are related to. If you find some terms that apply, make a note of them and start to drill deeper.

What you are looking for is a smaller targeted market or niche that is looking for the answers that your chosen product offers. The reason that you want these smaller niches is that they are more defined and it’s easier to target their needs. The more small markets or niches that you can find, the more profitable your campaign can be.

As an Internet entrepreneur much of your time will be spent doing Internet marketing research. It’s an important part of doing business online so you might as well learn to enjoy it. Even if you have a sold business, you will always be searching for ways to expand your business and readership which will equate to more profits. Internet marketing research is the foundation that every profitable Internet based business is built on.