Network Marketers start generating leads and attract prospects to come to you instead of the old model that you are accustom to. Stop chasing people down and making a nuisance or spectacle of yourself. Respect your time and yourself. Transform yourself into an attraction network marketer utilizing social marketing techniques for FREE on the internet. Treat yourself as a professional using the strategies, tactics and marketing system & sales funnels that are created for you for FREE. It’s an incredible feeling to wake up in the morning and to have nice fresh warm prospects wanting to talk to you. Build an audience and value your time…..

How to generate leads without spending money in the process is great, but you have to know how to position yourself on the internet and by leveraging off of effective marketing.


professionalism – must know your target market
get domain name
good email address
lead capture page
This is a massive movement for network marketers to empower themselves through social marketing. What You want is a diverse model that utilizes many resources to optimize the number of leads you can attract to you and onto your list while generating as much cash-flow as possible through simple monetization and social marketing methods while, at the same time, you provide as much value as possible for the least amount of effort. That’s the goal….It’s Your Business.
There are 3 things to be effective in your business.

Attractive educational content (typically giving away free information that solves an initial problem for your prospects.
Effective marketing pieces/methods (delivers your message to your target market and gets it in front of them at their time of need except now you use FREE marketing methods).
Lead capturing devices (a tool that captures the content info of your prospects for you automatically: an auto responder/opt-in form).
Before you begin, think about what message you are delivering and what are you going to be talking about in your content. Where are you leading these people once you have their attention and why should they want more information from you or give you their contact information. What are you going to be talking about in your content. What type of value are you going to be providing out in the market place? Maybe specific to homebase business opportunities, working from home or products and services that you represent, or maybe you’re on a nitch market. Sit down and think about what you want to write about first.
You are going to be writing about your target market. You must know where you are going to lead these prospect once you have their valuable information by taking the next step. You need to lead them somewhere. Where are you going to lead them to a free newsletter, lead to another page to what you are talking about. Are you going to lead them to fill out more information for a free CD? You must provide serious value and perceive that value in exchange to giving their contact info. Put yourself in that contacts shoes.

If you were the prospect what would make you want to give someone your information and take the next step. What information, content, help, piece of material, or advice are you going to provide that prospect with after they put in their info (newsletter, CD, access to more free training, videos, etc).

Once you have created some educational content that will be attractive to your target market prospects… will need to set up your lead capturing device (your auto-responder) which will allow the prospects to enter in their contact information. It can also instantly place their info onto your own list for followup, and forward them to a website or page you specify or provide further directions for them.

1. Social Marketing requires you to add value

2. Don’t pitch your deal or product upfront

3. Give first, then people will want to buy

4. Promote more than one site.

Set up multiple websites that can be set up in a day. Some examples would be:

Article marketing (writing and submitting articles) writing articles that can be very educational and is a great way to get information to your prospects.
Blogging educates people on subjects that are relevant to your business opportunity or to products and services that you represent.
Video marketing is highly leveraged way to go. Be personal and get yourself out there in front of prospects and developing relationships in form of videos.
Social networking (MySpace, Facebook, twitter, Web 2.0 and beyond, etc): Connect with people to build relationships, something viral instantaneous and get into a huge demographics of people.
You will want to concentrate on one to three methods of marketing that best suit your needs and your strengths. Take a look at your personality, your looks and dislikes. Find out what’s best for you. Don’t wear yourself down trying to be the jack of all trades and the master of none. Concentrate on what’s best for you. Be consistent in your marketing methods that fit your needs. It’s all about you and building yourself and your personality to attract what you want.

Basically it can perform 2 primary functions for you. It captures the contact information of your prespects as they voluntarily give it to you. It allows yoy consistent access to their information and provides a database that allows you to contact them on a regular basis and follow up with them.

An auto-responder also provides you with the form you can place on your website or blog where people actually fill in their name and information. A lead capturing devise, opt-in form or web form that can be provided for you. This is how you can get the prospect name and email information and go to the next step for information. When you do this figure out what marketing methods to use. One of the most effective and free methods is the internet. Once you set up your auto-responder or method to capture prospects information/lead them to the next step.