Choosing a marketing agency is a difficult task. This article offers useful tips for find a firm that simplifies your marketing. No more roadblocks. No more detours. First, let’s look at two approaches to small business marketing.

A New Way to Think About Your Marketing

Here’s the old way to think about your marketing:

I need a brochure

I need a business card

I need a Web site
Now here’s a new way to think about your marketing:

I’m launching a new business…what do I need?

I need to attract new customers

I need to differentiate myself from my competitors
The old approach thinks of marketing as products. The new approach thinks of marketing as solutions. Once you think of your marketing as a set of solutions, you’ll be better able to align your spending with company goals.

Why the New Approach to Marketing Matters to You

Think of marketing as part of a pie graph. The graph represents the hours you have in a day, and each wedge is the amount of time you spend on the tasks of running your business.

Under the old model, a large percentage of your day was spent supervising the production of your brochures, business cards, and other marketing collateral. That means you had less time for building relationships with customers and growing your business.

Under the new model, your marketing is simplified so you have more time to focus on strategic goals. A team of knowledgeable marketing professionals handles everything. Each marketing is strategically aligned with your business goals.

How to Choose a Marketing Firm

For a “marketing product” approach, you could use a combination of sources: freelancers, in-house employees, print shops, Internet orders. It may take five or six people to get the whole project done, but you’ll be able to shop around for the right people.

For a solution-oriented approach, you want something simple and convenient, yet sophisticated enough to help you stand out. Choose a marketing team that can adapt as your marketing needs evolve.

Questions to Ask a Marketing Agency

Can you handle my complete marketing needs (from logos to Web site, from writing and design and printing)?

Will I have access to the writers and designers?

How quickly will you be able to complete my project?

Can you recommend marketing solutions based on my goals?

Will I have a single-point-of-contact to simplify the project?
Pulling it All Together

Marketing doesn’t have to be difficult. You’re a growing business, and you need time to focus on your customers and your operations. Finding a firm with resources, marketing expertise, and knowledge of your industry will allow you to focus on your growing company.