Are you interested in Internet Marketing (IM)? If so, the best way to get started is to look at the big picture and pick a market you would like to serve.

One of the things you rarely hear when first you look into this Internet Marketing thing is a description of the numbers.

Right now there are 3 or 4 million people looking at the Internet Marketing (IM) world as a possible place for them to thrive. In bad times, even more.

They’re just looking! They don’t do much except look. Sometimes they buy.

But these are not your competition. It’s my opinion that in the IM world there is no competition! I say that because I feel there is such a huge amount of people looking to buy online that all we have to do is get a very tiny slice of that pie.

Remember Sam Walton? He said “A very small percentage of a really big number is still a big number.” I agree.

The already successful Internet Marketers are your competition IF you choose to market Internet Marketing.

While IM is a huge niche it doesn’t take anywhere near as much know-how to sell info products or physical products to some very large “other” markets.

Like “weight loss” and “credit” and “baldness” and “abs and “golf”. Those are huge markets that are far easier to break into.

I’m here in the Internet Marketing arena because I have been in marketing and sales for 40 years. I’m a natural. I love it and I have something to contribute to the total.

You may be right for this, too! If you are I’d be glad to help you learn the ropes.

Regardless of the FACT that marketers will tell you “$30,000 in 30 Days..Without a Website!” there is a basic truth.

You have to know which market you are going to serve.

You have to know the basics! That includes basic tools of the trade. Blogs. Traffic generation.

Then you have to settle in and go to work.

The reason so many marketers hawk the idea that you can make tons of money right away, without a website, is because there are thousands of people everyday, desperate, surfing the net, needing money fast, and they don’t want to waste time learning the basics! They want to make money now!

They are in a bad position to commence study of a complex career.

But the basics are what get you there! it’s always been that way and it will remain that way.

It’s always interesting to note that the marketers that are saying you don’t need a website are using a website to tell you this. What an irony.

If you are one of the legions of people who need money fast and can’t be bothered to learn the basics…then I can’t help you.

Neither can anybody else. The problem is, there are those who say they can.

They’re scammers.

There may be a marketer out there that could move a newcomer from zero to sixty in 30 days but I haven’t seen it. And I have never seen it done.

This business, like all the others, rewards you for what you actually do (accomplish) and not for just showing up.

Don’t let that little slice of reality dissuade you! If you are smart and willing to work hard AND you like the idea…you can do it.

Whatever it is.

Now I’ve been writing this to you as if you are a good candidate for Internet marketing (IM). But IM doesn’t cover only the subject of IM itself. (read that twice)

Internet Marketing covers the whole world and your life in it.

Picture yourself in a car on a nice day going down a typical commercial street. Can you see it? Look around as you move down the street.

What do you see? A fast food joint…an oil change outfit…a mall with clothing stores and a nice restaurant. Did you see a bookstore?

A bookstore sells information. It’s true that the information is sold in physical products but…the ratio of “other stores” to “bookstores” is just HUGE.

Like 99 to 1.

And it’s the same on the internet. Physical products and “real stuff” are the vast majority of the things sold. Both in the Internet world and the real world.

Consider that for a moment. Where is your best opportunity?

Is it in the small slice of the market? Or the big hunk? Well, consider this…even small markets are sliced up into micro markets. Mini markets if you will. There are thousands of them.

And one of them is probably just right for you. Don’t you wish you knew which one it was? Or maybe you do.

But don’t worry about that now! What a waste of energy that is!

There are known ways to to sort out which way will suit you the best.

One thing you can do is Google “niche market list”. Don’t jump on the first’re just looking.

But you are looking in the right place. Another great place to find out what’s hot is good old eBay. They even have a what’s hot and whats not list and trend analysis.