There have been a lot of changes in the network marketing industry recently. This is because network marketing internet systems have been implemented as a strategy for acquiring potential prospects.

You can create a good marketing campaign if you can implement both network marketing internet systems and offline marketing strategies. However, you will need to implement both of these marketing strategies. Implementing only one of them will not make you successful in your network marketing business ventures.

By offline marketing strategies, we do not mean sharing your products with your family and friends, but creating an environment of trust between business owners and prospects. What we mean by this is using the personal touch to create relationships with prospects and recruits by means of telephone contacts and direct mail services.

Let us first examine network marketing internet systems and examples of these. These systems include websites, blogs, emails and informational reports. Over the last years, the web 2.0 has come into existence and network marketers should learn how to use web 2.0 resources. Let us look at these systems in detail and see how they will be of great benefit to you and will enhance your lead generation process.


These types of internet tools should be the backbone of any network marketing business. If the information you put on your blog is targeted and useful to your visitors, you can quickly establish a following within the MLM field. Therefore, this method is a great way of generating targeted leads.

Give Away Free Reports And Newsletters On Your Blogs

On these bogs, leads can be sourced with reports which contain useful information about business building and lead generation. This is done by placing an opt in form on the blog. This is good because if people like what you write, they will probably become ideal prospects for your business. This is just another way of building relationships with prospects before they communicate with you and eventually join your business.

Article Marketing

Another great strategy for promoting your expertise about your business on the internet is article marketing. You can simply research the keywords within your industry and write articles around these. You can then submit these articles to article directories or article submission services. At the end of each article, there is a resource box where you can place your link to your website or blog. This will give you link value and your articles will be published by other webmasters if they like your content.


When a person opts in to your list from one of your websites, for example, your blog, they are placed onto an autoresponder, which stores your list of prospects. An autoresponder is a good way of sending pre-formatted information to your list of prospects and is also a good way of reaching your targeted audience when you have some information to convey to them. Just make sure that there is value in the email messages and that they are not just sales pitches.

Web 2.0

Web 2.0 has given network marketers the ability to use the internet to promote their businesses at little or no cost. Social networking sites have provided avenues to create links to websites and blogs whlie sites such as Squidoo and Hubpages gives them the ability to create additional content about themselves and network marketing.

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