Are you a successful leader in your network marketing business, but want to start learning how to take your business online, learning the new model of attraction marketing and teaching your team. Have you run into problems? Not sure how the internet and marketing works, and found yourself going down several pathways, but not achieving the results that you hoped for? Are you experiencing the frustration and struggle of working online? Do you feel that this doesn’t work, that you have made a mistake trying to do network marketing online? Or do you feel you on the wrong path, and its becoming an expensive learning curve to market on the internet?

Moving your successful network marketing business online and marketing it will require a change of tactics and learning new skills.

There is training that actually teaches you step by step, and click by click showing you how to navigate and learn the internet and market online. Marketing on the internet means you want to attract prospects to you. To do this you need to give them information, help, guidance and show them a solution. It’s not about pitching your company or your company product at this stage. Its providing information and solutions.

You still need to build a relationship and trust with your online prospects like you do offline. To do this offer them your experience in how you learned to become successful. Are you teaching one method, but you actually did something entirely different. Share this experience with them, give away some or all of your secrets. Don’t feel if I give away my best secrets the prospects will not come back. They will come back for more information, guidance, because they will believe and trust in you. They will look to you with respect and as an expert and as time goes on they will join your team. I viewed a team leader’s website, it was pitch all the way through. On the other hand I have also seen others use the attraction marketing methods and give information, share experiences, and viewed one of the leaders who was embracing attraction marketing, attracting prospects who were signing up into his business.

Marketing online to start with does take a lot of time and energy. There are training courses out there that teach step by step and click by click guidance. You work along at the same time doing the tutorials. If you are technically challenged or not that good on the computer these tutorials are designed to help you. Renegade University, Renegade Professional actually help you with the step by step tutorials, plus you have Mike Dillard Magnetic Sponsoring and Ann Sieg The Renegade Network Marketer. To name a few.

When you go on to the internet to start marketing many people think you only need a website this is important. However there are other factors that are just important. Its about getting your content out there in many different directions. You can do this by having a blog, HubPages, lead capture pages, writing articles, learning to do videos, and creating emails and setting up an Auto responder. Having an autoresponder allows you to stay in contact with your prospects automatically. This is all part and parcel of the internet and marketing online. This is just a few of the resources you will be taught on how to set up your marketing, and most of it is low cost. If you wish to pay for your marketing or learn pay per click advertising, there are tutorials that teach you this as well. As you learn and grow and become successful with the internet and marketing you will be able to teach and share your experience with your team.

Some companies have websites set up with live presentations, webinars and training to help teach their teams. However they are still teaching those members the traditional way of prospecting. Those people you prospect go online and do research on your company. If someone on the internet can answer their problems or give them a solution, that is the person that prospect will follow and sign up with. You and your team are losing your leads and prospects to people who are already marketing on the internet. As a successful leader embrace the new method of attraction marketing and marketing online, learn how it works. Incorporating both network marketing online and attraction marketing will help you teach your team members. Many of your family, friends and acquaintances will see what you are doing and they will be approaching you to find out what you are doing. Instead of you approaching them, they will approach you and see you as an expert