Master Internet Attraction Marketing Methods Before You Join a Business

What I have to say today is somewhat controversial. But bear with me. This could be the difference between having a very successful internet marketing business and one that fails.

This message is primarily addressed to those who are considering joining a network marketing business and those who have been in a home based business before and are considering coming back.

My strong recommendation is that you learn how to market a business first before you actually join one. The purpose of this article is to explain why I feel that way.

What I just said is probably not a popular idea with you. It could be considered controversial.
Let’s look at the reasons why you want to start your own home business. Most of our reasons fall under one general category. We want to move from a situation that is not working to one that has the potential of working.

In most situations, you probably want to make that move as soon as possible. I know. I have been there.

Here’s How I Started In Network Marketing – It Didn’t Work

As I approached my retirement age a few years ago, I realized I could not afford to retire. I knew it would take some time to transition from my Chief Financial Officer position into having a successful enterprise of my own.

But I was desperate to make the move and jumped right into my own network marketing opportunity. I failed miserably. The reason? I knew absolutely nothing about how to market my business. I thought I could learn as I built my business. I thought my company could teach me effective marketing methods. Neither one of these things happened.

I should have learned marketing methods that would work for me. I don’t mean to just read about the methods. I mean to study them – to master them.
There are far more effective marketing methods today than when I started in this industry. There is a stark difference between marketing methods taught by MLM companies in the past and the attraction marketing methods available today.

Most MLMers Get Bad Advice From The Start

Many companies are starting to teach attraction marketing, but I have found that what they are teaching is just too general to be effective for most people.

What is needed is detailed, step by step internet attraction marketing training. Not only should the training include how to set up the marketing, but also how to optimize it to get massive results.

Massive results, even mediocre results, are not possible through general training. In fact, it is a recipe for disaster and the failure of your business.

When people are being recruited to join a business, they are told, “don’t worry about marketing. We will teach you everything you need to know. You can learn as you go.” That, my friend, is ludicrous!! That is why there is such a high failure rate in network marketing and home businesses.

Why do I say it is ludicrous? Once people join a business, they simply don’t have enough time to master a better way of marketing.

Why Do Most People Fail in Network Marketing?

This is what generally happens. A person joins a business. They may not know how important marketing is to the success of their business.

There is a monetary investment to join their business. There are recurring monthly costs for websites, marketing tools, products/services on autoship, etc.

Already there is pressure to start making money as soon as possible to offset these costs. They feel obligated to start prospecting – to generate leads and talk with them. Prospecting takes time – much more time.

They may buy lists of leads and call them. Not only is this not a very effective way to build your business, but it adds more cost which adds more pressure to make money.

Meanwhile, the person gets involved in listening to company training calls, learning about the company, its products and services, etc. Of course, these things are critical in starting a business.

Here is the point I am making. Because of the time they are spending in their business, they do not have the time to master better marketing methods.

This is why so many people fail in network marketing. They simply do not have the knowledge they need to effectively market their business. And they don’t have the time to learn better methods.

The Solution

Here is my advice:

1. Talk to a knowledgeable person who can give you objective information on attraction marketing.

2. Decide how you’re going to market your business. It doesn’t matter what your business is. You don’t even have to be in one.

3. Find a training source that gives you detailed, step by step training in attraction marketing – a source that is very affordable.

4. Master those marketing methods. You will know when you are ready to get into a business.
Master attraction marketing methods and you can be very, very successful in a business.

If you fail to follow my advice, your business will likely be doomed to failure.

I have found the training source that meets all these criteria – detailed, step by step training, training that helps you to optimize your attraction marketing methods to give you massive results, and training at a very affordable cost. Contact me if you would like further information.