The Old School

I worked the old school of network marketing. The company I represented used the multi-level-marketing model. Because of the bad name multi-level-marketing received over the years, many companies renamed the model network marketing.

Network marketing depends upon ones ability to multiply a down line in order to gain success. This means duplicating oneself through other people. First the leader must be successful in order to multiply a down line or there would not be a reason to duplicate. Second, the leader must help the down line to become successful and duplicating.

Most of the leaders are highly visible and they attract many followers through their popularity alone. The followers are exactly that, followers, not leaders. Whether consciously or not these followers point their prospects to their leaders, their company and their products instead of to themselves.

The down line has been taught that this is just sharing instead of selling. They share with everyone they come in contact with causing others to avoid them instead of joining them. Further, the down line has been taught that everyone is their prospect. Instead of attracting prospects to themselves as a leader to success, they are repelling their prospects.

The fact is that people join your network marketing opportunity because of what they want and who you are. They join a person, not an opportunity. Network marketers must learn to market themselves to a target market.

You should be looking for people who are looking for you. You probably do not have a big enough circle to find a big enough target market in your offline world. So how are you to become attractive to a big enough target market?

Enter the internet

Internet marketing can be targeted toward the people who are looking for you. From the other side of the world they find you by typing in a key word search. Once they find you, you must make sure that they find you to be attractive. They find that you are the kind of person they would trust their training to. They see you as a leader, a consultant, a guide to internet marketing.

With internet marketing you can use the power of the search engines to help you with your marketing. If you wish, you can create your own web page with internet marketing to promote yourself. You can generate a prospect list that belongs to you, not your company.

With internet marketing you can use a quality system that will help you make money while you are prospecting; turning what is an offline expense into an online income. This affiliate marketing method on the internet is like a finder’s fee offline. You get paid to refer people to none competing companies. A good system allows you to set up your affiliate marketing in the background. This way people who walk out your door may walk into your affiliate’s door and buy something, and you get the finder’s fee in the background.

With internet network marketing you can use the ever popular social sites today. Talk about sharing your passion, social marketing is where you can really share your passion. This is where you can carve your niche market. Social marketing is where you can make a name for yourself and become recognized as a friend and leader. All of this and it is free advertising of you and your passion.

In conclusion, I believe the internet has significantly changed network marketing. It has changed my world. When you set it up correctly, the right internet marketing system can do all your marketing for you. It can send out your automatic prospecting materials. It can sift and sort your prospects. It can be used as a training site for your down line. It can free you up to win back your family and school friends that the old network marketing school helped you lose.