The market downturn is dominating most conversations about business outlook and trends these days. But people should not be too distracted by talk of market doom and gloom for two reasons.

Firstly, most people don’t live in a world dominated by macro economics. They are not used to receiving astronomical bonuses; they are impacted by problems in financial services, but not on the scale of the global economy. If prices are trending up at the market, they shop around. If they need to cut back, they do it and find something else to amuse themselves with. Life goes on.

Secondly, in all market conditions there are people who succeed at finding new opportunities to make money. It is to those marketing and entrepreneurial people that I say have a look at these trends and see if you can find a new market to trade in.

Trend 1 – Adverts will get stronger

As consumers have less discretionary money to spend, they will pay less attention to marketing and advertising. This will force marketing people to come up with adverts that are bolder, louder and more shocking to get peoples attention. If you are in the marketing or advertising business, look for fresh approaches for your campaigns, but avoid the meek and mild. This is not a period in which subtle marketing will be effective.

Trend 2 – Growth of home working

As more people leave the world of work, they will look around for new markets, new ways to generate an income. This trend will mean that people will look at their skills and hobbies to try and find ways of starting a micro-business. These people will need support, advice, business services. They will also need sales and marketing help, office furniture, and perhaps finance. This will create an attractive market opportunity and it will see people develop products and services to meet some or all of the needs of this segment.

Trend 3 – The influence of older people

There are more older people around in the world and they are becoming more confident and vocal in the way that they influence those around them. they act as support for younger generations, particularly those just starting out in life. Older people will give advice to their younger relatives when they are taking out a mortgage, buying a home, or even buying a car. In an era when most institutions have lost public trust, people will look to more experienced relatives for advice when they are faced with bigger market decisions. These people can act as important influencers on your behalf if you target any of these market segments.

Trend 4 – High spending 20-somethings

Imagine if you had no mortgage, few responsibilities, were flexible in where you worked. Imagine if you were confident in your ability to find another job quickly, had no dependents, and had never seen a recession before. Well that is the world for many 20-somethings. They have none of the hand-ups of older generations and they have plenty of disposable income. If you have a product or service that you can target at this market segment, then don’t hold back. Here is the one customer group who have the inclination and the resources to spend at the moment, so they are the perfect marketing segment.

Trend 5 – Growth of Web 2.0

In difficult market conditions people go out less and they spend less on entertainment out side the home. They will naturally look for other outlets for their energies and for new ways to amuse themselves. A the same time social networking websites are continuing to evolve and emerge and this is the perfect, low cost way for people to find enjoyment. Blogging and social networking will see a large increase in market share as people re-direct their energies in this area. Just take a look at the explosion of interest in Twitter. What better way to reach a target market than to reach out to communities online.