Markus Allen is the man behind the website of marketing-ideas. He also has specialized knowledge about general online marketing.

The marketing-ideas website created by Markus Allen contains a collection of free information about Internet marketing. The information is usually based from irrelevant feeds from other websites. The website is also jam-packed with tools related to Internet marketing success.

The marketing-ideas website of Markus Allen has daily emails of announcement and newsletters to its subscribers. Freebies are also made available by the site for the subscribers. The lessons in the site as well are illustrative to the clients.

Markus Allen has the ability of combining the principles of direct marketing with creative and technical ideas. He had developed a software tool useful to many online marketers and business owners. This software tool has sleuthing techniques that greatly contributes to the success of one’s business.

Aside from the marketing-ideas website, Markus Allen also published The Marketing Tip of the Day that provides free marketing tips and ideas to his fellow online marketers and business owners. He also developed the so-called online program of 101 Instant Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business that provides all the excellent marketing strategies required to have a successful online business or jumping off to the next level.

Markus Allen can deliver his marketing tips and ideas in thoughtful and concise ways. However, there are some people who still put negative feedbacks about him. And these people are accusing him of blackmail. These people were named online as Lee Benson and iWhiz. But Markus Allen’s believers were not easily deceived by these people instead they are wiser enough to check what Markus Allen has to say.

According to Markus Allen, the cheapest, easiest and fastest way to attract new visitors to your website is through email marketing, search engines, and banner ads. He also confirmed that an online marketer should know about the special types of approaches namely the viral traffic and viral marketing, which are two of the most successful marketing strategies on the Internet nowadays. The viral marketing strategy uses an Internet service or product that is very compelling from one person to another person. It enables to attract prospects for free and cut down costs of customer acquisition. It is also good for doing marketing offline for your business.

Just recently, Markus Allen launched a private and expensive membership for trade show marketers and managers. The membership was called as the “TradeShow Insider”. Its idea is also related to real marketing like pay-per-click as well as direct marketing.