Most people are clueless about network marketing. When asked what is network marketing, there are various sources of explanation to answer this question. What is network marketing can be defined as selling a product or services via a network consisting of individuals who function on their own.

Network marketers and fellow agents have joined forces in a single objective campaign to showcase and share their expertise, thus succeeding in their objective to gain optimal results together.

What is network marketing to most people, is actually multi-level marketing to others. To dispel confusion, this article will answer the question of “what is network marketing” and its model based on the experience of multi-level marketing.

Tons of Internet marketers do not believe that multi-level marketing in the online environment is possible. Obviously this is not true. In real life, it seems that network marketing was created for the Internet itself!

Research shows that only a handful (about 1%) of Internet surfers who visit network websites have interest to pursue the business. Take into account all the multi-level entities operating their businesses online, and you’ll see that this statistic is not precise. If it were, thousands of multi-level marketing entities would not exist online or prosper at all!

After the question of what is network marketing has been answered, you should know that the first step to network marketing is lead generation. To be a successful work-at-home multi-level marketing agent, you need to acquire quality traffic which is where your downlines stem from. How much big bucks you get depends on this.

There is an abundance of varying Internet techniques that can be employed in generating target leads. You need a website to sell your products and you, as an entity. You need to link this site to your company’s URL so that visitors can join your company’s program as independent distributors if they feel the need to do such a thing.

What is network marketing without traffic? You need to have a steady flow of traffic to your site and this is achieved by submitting your site to the big search engines so that it will appear in search results once certain keywords related to your business are typed out.

There are plenty of other techniques too many to mention, but the objective is to send target traffic to your promotional URL. You may try methods like article marketing and submission, sending e-newsletters, PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising and lead-buying.

These techniques are only a handful of the most well known ways employed by network marketers who strive to get visitors to their websites to turn prospects to become their downlines. It is common to find marketers combining various methods in one endeavor.

The newsletter technique is a list building method which is crucial in ensuring your success as a network marketer. You need to continuously send updates and teaser emails to your subscribers who sign up for your newsletter in order to persuade them into being part of your program. List building enables your leads to sign up and gradually become your downline.

Once you converted a likely prospect into becoming a self-reliant distributor, you now need to complete your task of giving out information about your program to the fresh distributor. This newbie needs your resources in order to understand what is network marketing, and to be knowledgeable about your products, how he will be paid and essentially converting their own leads and building their downline. This will help in turning them into successful network marketers like you!