By reading this article, you will learn that most all Network Marketing – Multi-Level Marketing companies still promote the same old marketing platform.

This platform description has been “coined” Chasing Prospects. It apparently has worked very well for many of the owners and top players of these companies, however the “down-lines” for the most part have very little if any success…most spending more than they make.

We believe any business, let alone and industry that uses a marketing plan that has a failure rate of approximately 97%+ of all that they recruit and sign up as Associates or Distributors is seriously flawed. The attrition rate for sales people is usually much higher than the rest of the workforce…but at 97%+…you have to be kidding!

It’s like the old story “just throw mud on the wall and what sticks, keep, and what falls off sweep up”…at 97%+ there is a whole lot of sweeping going on! In addition, to make matters worse very large percentages of those that fail are disillusioned and disparage the Industry.

Here, in our opinion is the crux of the problem:

Agents/Associates are told:

* You can make a lot of money immediately with the promise of residual income
* No special skills required and little financial investment needed.
* Just network with family, friends, anyone within reach or shouting distance.
* Attend meetings regularly, Local, Regional, and National.
* The “Pot of Gold” is just around the corner

The typical result of diligently following the company-training program, they soon realize these same family and friends all run and hide when they see them coming. We all know a family member or friend who has become a distributor or associate of one of these cannot miss opportunities.

You know who they are and after several of their “pitches”, you go incommunicado when they try to contact you. However, in spite of all this we believe this industry has received a bad rap for the wrong reasons, not because of the motivation of the people entering this field, or the products, pricing or service but we simply believe because of its flawed marketing model.

The new approach

The marketing changes driving the industry today are not initiated by the Network Marketing – Multi-Level Marketing companies themselves, but as the result of recently developed new technology Web 2.0 and the birth of Social Media sites and veterans of the old failed marketing platforms that had a new vision for marketing.

This new vision has led to a huge paradigm shift from the old marketing platform…that is chasing prospects, to attracting them. As a result, there have been many new entrepreneurial start-up marketing businesses, to educate and promote attracting customers.

The marketing strategy behind the new approach is not really new at all, it’s the same one used in the bricks and mortar commerce forever.

In the marketing model used in the “bricks and mortar” marketplace, retailers spend a major portion of their budget on advertising and sales promotion…their purpose is to create “traffic” or attract potential customers to their offer. This is a highly successful model because it attracts customers.

Now here is the good news…this same “bricks and mortar” model has been adapted for the Internet, utilizing Web 2.0 technology…and is now available to the many veteran network marketers who have been through the multitude of failed “opportunities”, only this time with a very successful conclusion

This new platform is “Attraction Marketing”

In essence we believe this is a huge paradigm shift from the old marketing platform that just does not work…97%+ failure that is chasing prospects, to a new marketing platform that does work and you can build a real business with by…attracting prospects “Attraction Marketing”

You can start a new business and now reach an entire market throughout the world with very little money. You do not need highly evolved skills that require a degree or knowledge in things like programming, web development, etc…you can learn most of the skills as you go along…You can start slow and enjoy a low risk business-building environment, and work your way into a successful situation.

In summary, we hope you gleaned from this article a paradigm shift in this marketing area taking place right now in the Network Marketing – Multi-Level Marketing industries by Network Marketers and largely being ignored by the Network Marketing – Multi-Level Marketing companies who still promote the same old marketing platform.

We feel whether you are a veteran network marketer still trying to find the perfect opportunity, or a newbie to this industry the most important next step, or first step, you have to acquire the proper training to develop the necessary skill sets to learn how to use the Web 2.0 technology to network through the social media/network sites that will enable you attract prospects and build a business.

Think of your businesses’ marketing plan as two components…a cart and a horse. The horse being your Internet marketing training and the product or opportunity as your cart. My advice is to never put the cart before the horse…with a good horse you will be able to pull any cart. Training for developing these skills is very easy to to acquire and extremely “user friendly” click-by-click and in no time your a thoroughbred horse capable of pulling any cart!