Niche Marketing is the art of giving people exactly what they want. After you find a potential niche using tools such as Google and WordTracker, you still have to test that market to see exactly what type of product offer will solve their current problems.

If you don’t provide the “right” offer to this potential market, the niche will not be profitable for you, regardless of its potential.

Therefore, you have to determine exactly what problems this niche market is facing, what solutions are already out there, what is good about these current solutions, and what is lacking in those solutions that need to be present in your offer so that it will be perceived as a better offer for their problems.

To find out the answers to these questions, you have to conduct some research on that niche market. There are several ways to go about doing this.

One way is to ask people already in that industry or market what problems they are looking to solve and what features and benefits the current solutions already out on the market are lacking. This way, you can tailor your offer to include those features and benefits that the current solutions don’t have.

You should also determine what the market does like in those current solutions so you can make sure your offer also has those beneficial features and benefits.

You can also go to established websites in that market to see for ourselves what type of offers they are offering. You can check out what types of products they offer (ebook, MP3, audio, video, etc.,) what bonuses they include with them, what prices they are selling them for, how their websites look, and any testimonials they post related to their products and service as a way to gain helpful insight on who your competitors are and how you can differentiate your offer from theirs.

A really easy way of determining what will satisfy the niche market is to hang out in forums dedicated to your niche market. In today’s world, there is at least one online forum for virtually every niche market out there.

See what they are talking about at those forums, including what problems they are having, what offers they are using to solve their current problems, how well those solutions are solving their current problems, and what features and benefits they are still looking for in future offers. This way, you can determine from prospective customers what problems they are still facing and what features and benefits they’d like to see in future product offers.

Utilizing this information from these different sources, you can develop or find a product offer with the features and benefits the market is looking for. However, to make sure that this offer will satisfy the market’s demands, you should again TEST the market to see if it will respond to your offer like you think it will. The following methods can help you test the market after you have developed or obtained your product offer.

You can provide complimentary copies (if you are legally able to do so,) to people in that niche market in return for their honest feedback on your offer. This way, you can find out what they like about it and what they feel needs to be improved in order to satisfy the needs of the market.

Another way to determine whether your offer will satisfy the niche market is to set up a simple webpage with a subscription form that asks a few questions about your offer. In return, you provide them with a valuable reward, such as a short report, another of your products, or a coupon code that gives them a discount on your offer.

You should use a pay-per-click search engine in order to drive targeted traffic to that page, as targeted traffic is needed in order to provide the best feedback about that niche market and the best feedback on whether your current offer will satisfy the desires of that market.

Even after you have found a potentially profitable niche market, you still will likely need to test and tweak your offer in order to be able to satisfy the demands of the niche market you are serving.

It’s important to remember that just because you’ve found a potentially profitable niche, you still have to have a strong demand for your offer in order to profit from it, and in order to find out what the niche market is looking for, that will take some research.

Even after developing or obtaining an offer that will seemingly meet their needs, you need to continue your research to make sure the offer is as good as can be. If it isn’t, you need to tweak and improve the offer as much as you can based on the feedback you receive in order to profit the most from that niche market and to be considered as the person who can best satisfy their desires in the future.