Online marketing has, during the past decade or so, taken on an unprecedented role in the arena of trade and commerce, and therefore of making money. It’s worth a brief look at how Internet marketing has come about.

Marketing traditionally was done by taking your merchandise to the marketplace — a designated area for trading wares. In time a system of exchange developed using tokens, which we now call money. Of itself money is nothing more than a form of exchange. However we have wanted to make it different, and so issues have developed around our relationship with money, just like issues can develop around other relationships.

Since the advent of the Internet, especially during the 90s, the potential for marketing merchandise online has become increasingly explosive. The Internet Web is still expanding at a pace rather like an online big bang! This potential has been seen and exploited by many large business enterprises; but it did not take long also for the individual, the sole online marketing trader, to understand the levelling potential of the Internet. In other words, online marketing presented an equal opportunity for both large and small marketers alike — the platform was the same.

This realisation has literally exploded opportunities for sole-trader marketing and the individual online entrepreneur. It did not take long for a whole system of complex mathematical formulas to develop that would eventually enable both marketer and entrepreneur to do automated business while they sleep! And so affiliate marketing was born, a complete automated sales system where both marketer and affiliate could make money — lots of it!

However the problem with the idea of ‘making money’ is that it can unwittingly become a pursuit in itself. So instead of considering what you have to offer, and how you can best meet the needs of the people — your customers, your online marketing becomes primarily a means of making money. And the problem with this view — the ‘I need to make money’ view — is that it is not only unfulfilling, it is also self-defeating.

As soon as you say ‘I need money’, then your marketing immediately reflects that neediness, all your Internet activities begin to revolve around making money, and you lose sight of what marketing is really about.

So what is marketing about? Whether it is online, offline, Internet, or fishnet stockings, marketing is about fulfilling needs. You are reading this now because you have a need for information — information that will be useful to you in your online marketing business. As the author, Steve Slimm, I too have needs; firstly for income, ie money; and secondly for fulfilment of purpose, i.e. to provide something useful to other people. This article should be useful. It not only provides information regarding Internet marketing, but also provokes a deeper inquiry by you, the online marketer, into your personal motives in marketing.

If you are struggling with Internet marketing, it is more than likely true that your focus has been too much on making money, and not enough on meeting needs. It is an easy trap to fall into — so don’t blame yourself! I fell into the trap and struggled to get out for almost 2 years. During this time I wrote down many insights regarding my own attitude toward money, and my marketing mindset. These insights I have since compiled into a thought-provoking e-book that is now helping other people who struggle to the market with their heavy load — just like I did!

If you’d like to be able to find marketing easy instead of a struggle, then more insight into your marketing mindset is a must. It is only when you stand aside from something, that you take a good look at it, and begin to see it clearly. Making money is not a motive for successful Internet marketing, and yet with a few adjustments in attitude, there is also money to be made!