Are you promoting network marketing and MLM opportunities in the same way as so many others are doing or are you hell bent on promoting information products about getting rich or how to market online? If you answered yes to either of these then you are probably destined to struggle till the end of time.

What I am referring to here is one of the three deadly common mistakes new online marketing entrepreneurs make. In this article I want to let you know how and why choosing the wrong products or services to market could be standing between you and success. Then I’ll arm you with some solid advice to ensure you don’t go down the same road. Listen to my online marketing help, take action on it and you might just see some huge leaps forward in your progress.

Most people who get involved with online marketing businesses start out by marketing from the wrong angle or they plain and simply choose the wrong products or services. Many sign up to a network marketing or MLM opportunity which they try and market under the company or product name, along with thousands upon thousands of others all doing the same thing. Is this you? Maybe it sounds like someone you know? If so is it any wonder nobody knows your business exists? The reason why this a sure way to fail is because the company ‘veterans’ who started doing the same thing you are trying to do, did so long before you signed up and have cleaned up this market angle. I did say things move fast on the Internet.

Alternatively far too many others think it’s a great idea to market “Internet Marketing” or “How to Make Money” products or services. Of course these are completely legitimate markets however they are also two of the most overcrowded markets you could ever have chosen to move into. Unless you are already an online expert, are incredibly sharp and can move like lightning, you just won’t stand a chance.

Now here’s some online marketing help for you to do things differently: If you want to be part of the network marketing and MLM industry then you MUST find a different way to market what you have. The way to do this is by capitalizing on your individuality. Develop yourself as a business; ‘you inc.’ become your own brand which uses the income opportunities provided by the companies you have signed up with as a vehicle to generate income. This way you will have something unique to market; yourself. Nobody else is quite like you or will do things in quite the same way as you.

If you want to market information products which I would suggest above any other kind of product, forget about the “How to Make Money” and “How to Get Rich” markets unless you know how to identify micro niches within those markets. Those already in these markets know what they are doing and as a newbie you will find it extremely difficult to compete. On the other hand thousands of people use the Internet every day looking for information they can’t find. If you really want to make money find out what people are looking for, then find a product or service to help them and bring the two together. There are endless niches to market in other than the two areas I have named above.