It’s been said that for the average person, network marketing is the best path to wealth. If that’s the case, why do 95% of distributors fail to build successful businesses? In reality, the top 5% consists of those who already have the recipe for success. They have contacts, skill and personality developed from previous success in life. So the reality is, in most cases the average person simply does not have the ingredients for success in the business. But it doesn’t have to be that way; there is a recipe for the masses.

It amazes me that as much as the Internet has changed the face of marketing, network marketing has primarily remained old school. Yes, websites and online video have replaced tapes, CD’s and brochures to some extent, but the old tired methods remain the same. Distributors are still taught to create a list, bug their friends and family, and invite them to watch a video or attend a meeting. With the same old school methods, the modern tools still do little to increase the likelihood of success—for the average person.

Despite the failure of most networking marketing companies to provide a formula of success to the average distributor, there are a handful of entrepreneurs who have discovered the recipe for success on their own. They have studied the Internet, learned what successful Internet marketers are doing, and then tailored those strategies to network marketing. For the few who have managed to create their own Internet based formulas, their success has been staggering.

One example is the story of a frustrated network marketer who built a massive down line of over 51,000 people in less than 18 months. He primarily did this all from home, opting to skip the meetings and bugging of friends and family.

There is a new breed of network marketer who are finding tremendous success, after traditional methods failed them. So what’s their secret? It’s pretty simple; they don’t chase people. They use the power of the Internet to attract the right people to them.

It’s called attraction Internet network marketing, and puts to rest the one of the most common reasons for failure in network marketing. Which is, when you have to pressure someone into a business, they should not be in the business in the first place. With attraction marketing, you only work with people that want to work with you. This reversal of strategy makes it far more likely for an average person to be successful in network marketing.

With the recent explosion of social networks like face book, you tube, and twitter, savvy Internet network marketers are drawing prospects to them like never before. These technologies are powerful, because they are natural conduits for the basis of network marketing; word of mouth advertising. They also allow the 21st century network marketer to develop an online relationship with a prospect before an opportunity is presented.

In many cases, these are not even formal relationships. They are simply the product of trust built up through education. Effective 21st century network marketing uses automated marketing systems to educate prospects first, and then present the opportunity later. The smart marketer presents the tools of success first, often selling them. Then having armed the prospect with the right tools and training, they are free to present the vehicle, which is their network marketing opportunity.

Using these strategies, many of the negative aspects of traditional network marketing disappear. You can skip bugging your friends and family; there is an ocean of prospective entrepreneurs scouring the Internet for the right opportunity. You can bag the hotel and living room meetings, webinar technology provides the ability to present the opportunity or train people all around the world from the comfort of your own home. No more tapes and Cd’s. Websites, videos, podcasts and conference calls deliver the message for you.

A new breed of network marketer is truly beginning to make their mark in the industry. As successful as they may be, those committed to old school methods will soon find themselves lagging in the race. Thanks to new technologies and attraction marketing methods, 21st century attraction network marketing, may truly be the average persons best ticket to wealth.