Guerrilla Multilevel Marketing by Levinson, Dillehay and Vonn Harting challenges you to break out of the MLM culture of conformity.

Are you ready to push back on the notion that there is only one right way and it’s the right way for everybody? In your team, does anyone feel that if they don’t follow the group, they’ll be abandoned?

The reality is that most people in network marketing do the business a little differently from each other anyway. Evidence shows that you will earn more money by teaching a system that supports variety and is suitable to different personality types. (Guerrilla Multilevel Marketing, p. 14)
One way that guerrilla marketing differs from traditional marketing is this: guerrilla marketers do not emphasize a single marketing tactic and they do not teach others that one tactic is enough. Guerrilla marketers use marketing combinations to get customers to buy and to motivate and support downline distributors.

To get started as a guerrilla network marketer today, tips from Guerrilla Multilevel Marketing are:

To develop marketing combinations to get your customers to buy 1) create a one- or two-page marketing plan (Chapter 3) for each product or service you promote; 2) start with just one product and one niche market; 3) brainstorm a list of possible marketing tactics and then 4) pick the best and calendar them.
To increase your results (compensation check) the fastest and cheapest way: 1) focus 60 percent of your marketing budget on existing customers (including cash budget and time budget); 2) spell out each marketing campaign, income producing activity and event on your marketing calendar; 3) when you start out a new distributor, encourage them to grow one customer at a time; and 4) as their confidence grows, encourage them to grow one distributor and business builder at a time.
How can you start out your next day, week or month in your MLM business creating a marketing plan and calendar that takes your personality into account and builds on your strengths and core values?

With 100 guerrilla multilevel marketing tactics to choose from you will have no trouble filling your calendar-and increasing your marketing results.