One new and exciting development in the world of Internet Marketing is the concept of being a ‘Renegade Network Marketer’, a concept put forth by a (then) struggling young Entrepreneur named Anne Sieg. Her completely revamped ideas on building downlines, sourcing for Prospects and other aspects of network marketing holds no punches but promises results like no other.

Here are some of the benefits your stand to gain as a renegade internet marketer:

1. Discover the secrets of the big boys in Internet Marketing

Let’s face it, the network marketing giants don’t grow and sustain their business by holding meetings in their homes, cold calling Prospects or reaching to anyone within arm’s length. They have a marketing system, which they have kept secret to themselves.

By becoming a renegade network marketer and utilizing their secrets and marketing systems, you’ll never be lost for leads again. If anything, you’ll not even have the time to work on the leads that you HAVE, as they’ll be more than you’ve ever had!

2. Bring people TO you, instead of going to THEM

The biggest problem with any form of network marketing is the number of cold calls, business meetings, sales presentations and even house dinners you have to host – without seeing ANY results whatever. In fact, because of the high number of rejections that most newcomers face, they often drop out after a few months.

As a renegade network marketer, you won’t have to worry about rejections anymore because instead of you FORCING someone to listen to you about your product, they will be APPROACHING you instead, willingly asking you to educate them about the product.

3. Have a self-sustaining marketing system

Another great problem when it comes to the marketing aspect of network marketing is the cost involved. Constantly sourcing for leads, taking them out for dinner, organising presentations and house parties are all not only time consuming tasks, but costs a large amount of money to perform on a constant basis.

With the renegade network marketer approach, all these problems are solved. The marketing system you will learn is one that will not only sustain itself financially, but also grow as your business grows. This means that you don’t have to constantly dig into your own pockets to finance your marketing strategy, which is great news for all Internet marketers!

The above are just some of the benefits purported by the Renegade Network Marketing system. What the system promises is a marketing system with a lower maintenance cost, higher Prospect reach and better conversion rate, which, let’s face it, is any network marketers dream!