Email marketing is fast becoming one of the most efficient and popular direct marketing tools used to sell services and products and build a loyal client database. Businesses are turning to it because it is easy to track results, can be used to build a database of customers and is an inexpensive way to market their services with the greatest chance of a profitable return on investment.

Companies and individuals with products and services to sell are turning to email marketing specialists to help them optimize their efforts. The demographics are spectacular. It is estimated that 91% of Internet users between the ages of 18 and 64 use email. There are 147 million users in the United States. This represents a great avenue to market a product or service as well as making sure a marketing message is reaching the right audience.

Important marketing metrics demonstrate that email marketing is low cost, averaging just one cent per email sent. This trumps other direct marketing efforts such as direct mail and Internet advertising. The return on investment is also profitable and promising to marketers who are considering this approach. On average, the return on investment is two to ten times higher than other forms. This makes it attractive to companies and individuals who want to get the biggest bang for their buck and insure that their marketing efforts are paying off.

One of the most attractive features of email marketing is that you can track who is responding to your email marketing efforts. This allows companies to create segmented databases and target specific emails to specific audiences who are known to respond to specific email marketing messaging. As with all direct marketing efforts, trackability is key to measuring the success of a current email marketing program and can help in the planning for further communications. When you find an audience responding to a certain email pitch or message, or if they respond to emails that are highly targeted to their interests, a whole marketing plan can be developed to continue to build business and revenue. Tracking loyalists and potential customers and having a tangible record of response is a valuable tool for marketers when they sit down to plan a marketing program and set their objectives for a campaign.

Email marketing has become an integral part of overall marketing strategies for companies that want to expand their business and get a maximum return on investment. Revenue generation is important to marketers, and many have cited positive revenue generation as a reason why it has become so important to their overall marketing strategy. In fact, today’s Internet savvy marketers are saying that it is one of the most important tactics they use in their overall marketing plans. When marketers work with the right specialists, they can see their revenues grow through a relatively easy and cheap method of marketing that is fast becoming the best way to reach customers with their message.