There is a hype that happens with many network marketing companies where new distributors get the impression they are going to become rich with little or no resistance. Once the distributor starts making the first few phone calls it isn’t long before the ship is sunk. Those who have a strong enough drive to continue on push through that period and learning curve until they have success. Unfortunately this is only around 5% of the overall distributorship of network marketing companies. There are still others that wish to push on, but they may not push on in the manner that gives them success. Although there seems to be a new alternative to some network marketing companies out there. It seems that affiliate marketing is becoming and increasing option of network marketers who wish to push on in a different way.

Affiliate marketing has it’s similarities to multi level marketing businesses. The only difference is it isn’t typically multi level although that seems to be part of where the parallel comes in. An affiliate marketer will take an already existing company that is earning money and more or less advertise for them. By being the advertiser they don’t have to take the risk of owning their own business, much like network marketing. When one of their leads make a purchase, the business pays the affiliate marketer a portion of the commission. This portion is typically only paid once and they are not compensated if that buyer sells to another buyer, unless it is a true multi level marketing concept (they are out there).

Most of the work of an affiliate marketer can be done online. There may not have to be direct contact with people and that seems to be where the attraction lies. With network marketing it is considered a social business. The internet definitely has it’s social side, but with much less actual contact with people. Those who typically aren’t successful at network marketing may find that affiliate marketing is more their personality.

The straight facts is that either affiliate marketing or multi level marketing require work to be successful. Typically affiliate marketers understand the web more and know how to drive traffic to the product. MLM by design able to be done by the common person despite their skill set. A system is put in place that can be copied for success. The key is to find people that can hear your message and be inclined to join your distributorship. In an economy like this recession, you are more inclined to find people that are more open minded about business opportunities and network marketing tends to do better.