Email marketing is a method of advertising, promoting, or simply distributing information to a large number of recipients via email. It is a very powerful and valuable method of getting your products, services and ideas out there and if well done, it can even earn you some very good money. It allows you form a relationship with thousands of people you will never meet. The email has now established itself as a powerful marketing tool that is already an essential component of effective marketing. It is also likely to be better targeted than most other forms of marketing since lists are frequently refreshed with new recipients signing on and others using the self cleaning deregistration facility.

Email design of course, however strong the message, it must be well presented if it is to gain the attention it deserves. Its an increasingly powerful and ever so affordable way to turn prospects into clients. It can be used to improve the relationship between a business and its customers or to gain new customers. There are many reasons to use email marketing but often we end up focusing on the money making aspect of it and lose sight of the other areas that are also vital in the world of email marketing. Most email systems allow you to test and track your experiments, so you can see which offers and subject lines work best.

However, unlike direct mail, email marketing campaigns are not constrained by weight limits or postal restrictions. Resources email marketing and direct mail has long been considered an effective marketing tool. And without print costs to contend with, envelopes to buy and address and postage to pay for, email marketing is an economic solution that is available to companies of all sizes. Thats why creative email design is so important to any email marketing campaign, email design that makes the most of the flexibility of this media. Email has now established itself as a powerful marketing tool that is already an essential component of effective marketing.

The word spam is both a tinned meat and email that is sent out to a huge number of people with little discretion. Spam is the email marketing version of carpet bombing. Spam and the spam filters it has given rise to make it harder than ever to get your email delivered. Have you tried email marketing and been disappointed with the number of emails caught in spam filters. You will either purchase a list of unsolicited names and end up spamming your email list which can get you banned by your ISP, or you could rent a reputable opt-in list but you will find that the costs for doing this are even more expensive than hiring a snail mail list.

Most companies use email marketing to communicate with existing customers but many other companies send unsolicited bulk email, also known as spam. They make it very difficult for observers to distinguish between legitimate and spam email marketing. Some marketers report that legitimate commercial email messages frequently get caught and hidden by filters. Nevertheless, it is somewhat less common for email users to complain that spam filters block legitimate mail.

Email Marketing is by far the most cost effective way to market going into the future. It is instant and allows multiple links to be imbedded in the message, driving traffic to company websites. Email marketing is especially popular because it can be much cheaper than traditional mail marketing. It is way cheaper than media investments such as direct mail or printed newsletters and also information can be distributed to a wider range of specific, potential customers.