Today’s Competitive world has made the term marketing to have more familiarity in all our lives. Of course, the techniques of marketing will change but will not change the effect of it. Many companies have attempted many more techniques of marketing to influence the market. All innovations are will become obsolete in future. Even now many companies and their authorized agents, those who have used direct marketing, telemarketing, e-marketing etc., to intrude the market have started facing their problem. It’s highly true that even those above stated techniques, will have to be changed as people have started expressing their grief towards the salespersons, telecallers and e-mail blogs. Influencing the customers has become complicated as many them feels marketing as one of the biggest headache. So it is high time for the marketers to use techniques that are lively to create a sense of trust among the customers.

About Viral marketing:

One such is Viral Marketing which has come in full swing. This will spread as fast as a Virus could do. Viral Marketing refers to the method of using the existing social networks to increase the level of brand awareness. It is being done in the forms of interactive and funny Flash games, interesting Video clips and even through text messages. This is also known as Buzz marketing or Word of Mouth Marketing. Because of the Human tendency to interact with all around, it is being strongly believed that any information delivered through this way will bare a layer of Credibility. So this technique is being highly valued by the Marketers.

It is true that a satisfied customer spreads his/her level of satisfaction about a product/ service to three people. A dissatisfied customer will spread his/her dissatisfaction about a product/service to eleven people. This general tendency is a base for viral marketing. Nowadays, marketers are more interested in finding out people who have strong Social networking Potential. After that, they are creating programs that convey their viral message through those people with an appealing effect. They never fail to make sure about the probability of the message being passed over.

Many companies who followed this technique have succeeded to a greater extent. After the intervention of Web 2.0, many web start-ups like Youtube, Myspace etc, have used this buzz marketing with the help of the social networks developed by themselves. Using Internet as a communication platform, this BUZZ has become even more powerful and useful for the Consumers. This has given rise to the services and tools called buzz monitoring, which is used for online Public Relations.

Marketers tend to focus over the development of Products and services, that creates positive buzz naturally. The biggest challenge for them would be in finding out an influencer, who has high level of authority and personal connection. The whole campaign stays on the shoulder of that influencer. The Influencer attempts to inject a positive buzz into a conversation, that happens naturally with in his surroundings. This creates a sense of Anxiety among target people, as the buzz is being created by an influencer who is highly relied upon. People obviously believe that the influencer, who speaks honestly and are unlikely to have secondary or ulterior motive.

It is highly unknown to the Target that the influencer receives incentives for his/her referrals. The emphasis would be more on the creation of beneficial and transparent conversations as per the requirements of Section 5 of the federal Trade commission act. It prohibits all sorts of activities that are conducted with a notion of deceiving the noble public. Being involved in Viral marketing, it is high time for the marketers to understand the difference between unfair and legitimate practices. Many more organizations have given their recommendations regarding Ethical conduct.

Viral marketing and Guerilla marketing:

All these buzz marketing/Viral marketing/Word of Mouth Marketing comes under a broad term called Guerrilla Marketing. It is a method where customers will no where feel the sense of marketing. Without knowing that they are being marketed into, emotionally, they will follow what they see. Of course, effective marketing creates interest. For example, a company might book an actor/actress/ a socially sound person. The company will ask them to use its product in a crowded area visibly in all the places where the target customers tend to assemble. That ambassador may even offer trial samples that are economically feasible to the target audience. This will stimulate them without even making them to realize that a marketing campaign is going on. This is done with a ‘befriend’ attitude and so it gives out a big impact. Both the Viral Marketing and Guerrilla marketing are same in all perspectives. But at times Guerrilla marketing may act as a start for Viral Marketing. A Word of Mouth Marketing may start from a Guerrilla campaign.

Why these techniques……?

A Consumer can stay away and free from all sorts of media but he can never put him out of people around him. A company can even send a salesperson door by door to create brand awareness and can make few sales. But, the ultimate motive of creating a sense of trust and Credibility will be in vein. But a Consumer subjected to Guerilla marketing will not only try that product, but also spreads it (buzz) to his/her circle. The financial risk associated with this is also very low, and so, it is a cost effective method. These undercover marketing methods are used when the traditional marketing methods becomes outdated. They will act as a new solution for the need of marketing.

There are few aspects behind screen which should not be revealed to the customers in these campaigns. A consumer’s sense of trust is the main reason behind his/her purchase and recommendations. The consumer will really feel that as an unforced recommendation. The Influencer gets commission for every sale that he brings in. He is ultimately benefited by the company. But, these things are something called as off-the screen activities.