For many people, network marketing sounds like such an exciting opportunity. And it is. However, because they get so excited about its earning potential, network marketers fail in their business. They make wrong decisions regarding their marketing tactics. These decisions come from being hasty and just trusting whatever their upline is telling them without doing some of their own research.

Here are some reasons why countless network marketers fail:

Leading with the opportunity instead of the product

Some network marketers fail because they try to recruit people by emphasizing how much money one can get with this type of opportunity. Instead of promoting the product and build people’s trust on it, they try to get people to join a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. Network marketers fail because this type of scheme does not work for many people and because those whom they are able to convince do not stay long in the business because the latter did not get the amount of money in the amount of time they were expecting.

Marketing to the warm market

One of the common reasons why network marketers fail is that they have set out with a plan to market to their warm market. Warm market consists of one’s family, friends, and acquaintances. Anyone who has tried building a business with their warm market knows that these people are not so ‘warm’. Family and friends tend to be more skeptical and negative towards the intentions of a network marketer. They will avoid the cousin who is a network marketer because they will think they are always being recruited. Network marketers fail to succeed with their warm market also because the latter soon becomes the competition in recruiting people they know in common.

Using 3 way calling instead of being an expert

Network marketers fail also for a reason that seems like an advantage at first. Some network marketing companies offer 3 way calling services. Simply put, it is the ability to include an upline or a marketing expert from the company in the phone conversation with a prospect. By depending on other people to explain to prospects, network marketers fail to be sufficiently knowledgeable about the product or opportunity they offer. Instead of positioning themselves as experts, they will look like they do not have any authority and, therefore, seem stupid to the prospect.

Marketing the belly to belly way

Belly to belly is another term for face to face. Belly to belly marketing is yet another reason why network marketers fail. It involves having to meet up personally with all of your prospects, whether individually or as a group during parties and events. Belly to belly takes a lot of time and is also not very cost effective. Network marketers fail because they spend money having to meet prospects every time. This type of strategy also consumes effort that can be devoted to more important things.

Network marketing is truly not an easy business. But when every strategy is studied and reviewed over and over again before hastily carrying it out, you can avoid being among those network marketers failing miserably in a business with a great income