So, what is attraction marketing? Attraction marketing is a method of marketing that attracts prospects to you that enables you to be positioned as an expert. This new system is state of the art. This new way is quickly becoming the new way many experienced network marketers are doing business, especially on the Internet.

It means you are offering value, service, experience to your potential prospects & customers. Attraction Marketing is a brand new phase to replace the old school ways of network marketing & has emerged as a new process of selling online. Attraction marketing can also be defined as prospects coming to you instead of you having to chase them down. Attraction marketing is also the strategy for driving targeted traffic & highly motivated prospects to your circle of influence. Pre-qualified prospects are the essential life blood of any network marketing business. When using these forms of attraction it is important to remember that you are leading & not selling.

Attraction marketing is promoting your product or service in a way that intrigues your prospects curiosity to want to contact you to learn more about what you have to offer. Direct sales refers to promoting yourself as an expert, offering information that the prospect wants, then finally building a rapport with that prospect. **How Does Attraction Marketing Work with Internet Marketing?*

Attraction marketing is the tide of change that is needed for network marketing. The traditional method of convincing your prospect that they need to buy your product is sales oriented. Attraction marketing on the other hand is the system by which the network marketer can choose proven methods for achieving success.

To get a birds eye of Mike Dillard’s Book on “Building on a Budget Review” to learn how he explains how network marketers build on a budget.

Attraction marketing is by far the most effective form of marketing yourself and your business. Even though prospects may make the choice not to join you in business; the seed has been planted. It may take them more than one time visiting your lead capture website to make a decision. Prospects will flock to you once you have positioned yourself as an expert from your prospects viewpoint. It is important to position yourself early and as your marketing expands you are going to be in high demand.

Successful network marketers are aware of how important action is. If you are failing at this time it is probably not your doing? Success is no longer a selling game, and it has nothing to do with training or operational efficiency or a catchy advertising campaign. Success in any business opportunity is a result of hard work, time and many various other factors that are involved. So, if you are interested in your success make sure that you have qualified training, education & tools need to succeed.

That is the most important ingredient to any business especially when it applies to network marketing.

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Jonathon Pugsley