It is widely know that well cared for trees can increase the value of your property.

Land clearing for construction, or to increase the value of your property are the two most common reasons for tree removal.

To successfully achieve either option, without compromising safety, you will need the help of a tree removal expert.

By removing trees correctly, you can increase the value of your home and property.

Tree removal is a difficult task and should only be handled by a professional.

Although rare, there are some times when removing a tree can be favourable to the value of your property. Whether you are selling or just trying to increase the value of your home, it may be necessary, in some way, to remove a tree.

If you have trees which are dead or dying, or restrict your view or block the sun, having them removed can increase the value of your property. The most important reason for tree removal is to improve safety.


Tree removal can be a difficult and dangerous task. To ensure the safety of you and your family, it should be done by a professional tree removal company.

Here are some of the main reasons to remove a tree from your property.

Deciding to remove a tree from your property can be a difficult decision. The tree may have been on the property for generations and has a sentimental value, or simply, you are concerned that it will lower the value of your property.

There are many reasons for removing a tree from your property, from aesthetic to practical, without affecting your property’s value.

Tree removal can have many benefits, as long as it is done correctly.

Tree removal can be dangerous and stressful and we highly recommend you seek professional advice.

Here are the most common reasons for removing a tree from your property.

Wrong placement.

We highlighted above, that trees can affect the value of your property.

If it has been planted in the wrong spot, it can significantly reduce the value of your home. A poorly placed tree can block the view from your home, create dark and damp areas and it can affect the street appeal.

Tree roots can undermine the foundations of your house.

When tree roots penetrate your home’s foundations, you have a serious problem and the only solution is to have the tree removed. Not removing the tree will increase risk to you and your family and will potentially cost you money to repair any damage.

Diseased or damaged tree.

Once a tree becomes diseased or damaged, the best option is to have it removed. A diseased or damaged tree can potentially fall and cause damage to your property, or worse, injury to family or  friends.


We strongly recommend you consult a professional tree removal company. A professional tree removal company should have an Arborist who can advise the best options for you.

Poor landscape design.

Unprofessional and poorly designed landscaping on your property can significantly reduce its value.

There’s nothing like a wrongly placed tree or shrub to impact the look of your yard


These are the main reasons to manage the trees around your home, however, a well kept, un-cluttered yard and nicely manicured lawn is also an easy way to increase the appeal, and value, of your property.

Tree removal should always be left to the professionals.


Engaging the services of a professional tree removal company will not only ensure the job is done properly, but will also be safer for you and your family. A professional tree removal company will have expert tree removalists who have the essential skills, tools, and equipment to complete the job safely, and efficiently.


A good tree removal company will also have a qualified Arborist who can advise on all aspects of tree care.

There are two main methods for tree removal.

Trees come in a variety of sizes, heights, and shapes and different types of trees require different methods for safe removal. This is why tree removal should be left to the professionals.

Tree removal is dangerous and complicated and uses a combination of physical and chemical tools.

There are the two main methods for removing trees:


1. Pull out the tree by its roots

This is the most effective, but the most expensive way to completely remove a tree.

2. Cut down the tree

This method requires more care and specialist equipment

Tree removal is a specialist procedure and should only be tackled by an expert. To ensure you get the job done safely and correctly, and to keep your property looking its best, you should always consult the professionals.