More and more companies today are recognizing that their customers never leave home without their mobile phones and are checking and responding to their text messages constantly throughout the day. With the rapid growth in smart phone sales, the mobile phone is rapidly becoming the most effective way to develop and maintain an ongoing relationship with those customers.

However, one of the most fundamental issue facing marketers today is figuring out what their customers actually want from them and how best to deliver that need. The reason it is so difficult to determine is the lack of information on who those customers actually are. If you don’t really know your customer, how can you possibly meet their needs?

Majority of Consumers Interested in Loyalty Clubs

However, there is a solution to this problem and it’s been confirmed in Hipcricket’s most recent survey of mobile consumers. An amazing 57% of consumers indicated they would be interested in opting in to a brand’s loyalty club. Even though there is an obvious high level of interest from consumers in loyalty and rewards clubs,80% of respondents stated that they still have not been marketed to by their favorite brands via their mobile device.

This interest in loyalty clubs is an unprecedented opportunity for marketers to gain insight into the consumers’ areas of interest by properly utilizing the loyalty club’s sign up process. Typically, when consumers opt into a company’s mobile marketing program, not a lot of information is obtained from that consumer other than their mobile number and a relevant keyword identifying some area of interest. This lack of data makes it very difficult to begin building an ongoing relationship with that consumer.

Build a Detailed Consumer Profile

The most advantageous time to harvest this vital consumer data is at the time they opt into the program; the time when their interest level and curiosity is highest. And they need to be further motivated to do so with the reward of an immediate discount or bonus. The goal is to make that consumer’s profile the key to effectively marketing to that consumer.

As soon as the consumer opts into the loyalty program they need to be immediately sent an email with a brief, customized list confirming their preferences. The consumer must be able to easily and quickly complete their profile and know that by doing so they will only receive information that is of specific interest to them. Remember they also need to be motivated to do so with an immediate bonus or reward.

The advantage to the company is without precedent – a detailed consumer profile of the consumer’s specific interests, when, how often and how they want to be contacted. The company can now send marketing messages that are timely for the consumer, only about products and services in which they have expressed an interest but in the format that they prefer whether by way of SMS messaging, email or even voice. This really is marketing nirvana.

Consumers Value Mobile Loyalty Clubs

If you need further convincing, Hipcricket’s research found that 90% of those who had participated in a mobile loyalty club gained value from being a part of the club which is a remarkably high level of consumer satisfaction and should not be ignored.

There are unlimited ways to set up and manage a consumer loyalty club from in store promotion, email marketing and traditional advertising but done right, the evidence is now in – a consumer loyalty program utilizing mobile marketing must be part of your ongoing marketing and advertising strategy.

Bill Hamlin is the founder and CEO of Tega Technologies revolutionized the mobile marketing industry with URClients, the world’s first totally integrated and automated text, email and voice marketing software. Based in Irvine, California, Tega leads the mobile marketing industry in innovation by automating on demand marketing campaigns based on specific customer Interests for most industry verticals including hospitality, retail, non-profit, automotive, gaming, wellness and leisure.