Whether you’re in the cannabis industry or not, it’s a good bet that you’ve heard about the growing demand for pre-roll packaging boxes. Many dispensaries are producing their own pre-rolls to help increase profit margins.

A move that is ultimately helping to push this once illegal industry out of the shadows and into the mainstream. Suppose your dispensary is currently looking at custom pre-roll packaging options. However, Keep reading to find out how we can help.

If you are trying to create your own brand, even from scratch, one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is selecting your packaging. Every detail of the package will be seen and felt by those who buy from you. So, it’s essential that the box or plastic tube be perfect.  However, we’ve prepared a few tips for choosing the best custom pre roll packaging boxes for your needs.

The importance of pre-roll packaging in dispensaries

When a person buys a pre-roll, they expect that it will deliver the same feel like a full one. To achieve this, you must ensure that the packaging holds together well and is sealed to keep all of the product inside.

You also want your custom branded pre-roll packaging to be easy to open even if their hands are full of groceries or other items. This may not seem immediately obvious because all dispensaries offer plastic tube packaging for their products.

Making your own custom pre-roll blister pack

If you’ve thought about using tubes, think again! Customized blister packs are two times more effective than tube boxes for keeping their shape. They’re manufactured with hinged panels held by transparent tape so customers can see what’s inside at first glance.  However, the unique design of our pre-roll blister packs can’t be replicated with other packaging options.

Customizable, transparent pre-roll blisters are your best bet when it comes to selling your product in retail stores or dispensaries. Some customers want to see the weed containers. However, they like to touch them and feel them. That is why they are perfect for some people who do not want people to know what they are getting.

Breaking custom packaging open is easy but not impossible because of the reinforced locking mechanism holding everything together. With all that said, you truly get what you pay for; if you order cheap rolls or labels, it won’t look great at all. However, investing in good-looking dispensary supplies.

 How to find the right custom pre-roll packaging for your business?

You need to look for the right custom pre-roll packaging. Some companies use simple weed containers for packaging their product, and they are not very fancy, but it still has their charm.

Others go above and beyond to attract customers with their labels or stickers that adorn flower containers. You can also ask your supplier what else you could do to make your product shine even more.

If you want people to see your pre-rolls, then you should buy high-quality supplies for your dispensary so that you can talk about it. What is good custom pre-roll packaging? How To Pack Your Pre-Rolls?

 How can we help you with your custom pre-roll packaging needs?

Whether you are just starting out or have been in the industry for years, you might need help with your pre-roll packaging. Here is what you can do if you want to know more about how to package your products properly.

If you want your business to be seen by people who want to smoke weed, then it is important for you to know all the different ways that your business can be promoted. You should use custom pre-roll packaging so that people can tell the difference between brands and choose their favorite one.

Your dispensary supplies will play a significant role when it comes to communicating with potential customers. It means that you will need high-quality material, labels, stickers or containers that are functional yet attractive at the same time.

Why is pre-roll packaging a good idea for dispensaries?

There are actually so many reasons why it is a good idea for dispensaries to use pre-roll containers. One of the main reasons is that customers will be willing to buy weed products if they can easily distinguish which one they need or want. However, with custom pre-roll packages, your brand becomes popular and well-liked by your customers.

It means that your dispensary supplies now become recognizable compared to other suppliers. People will always look for a low-cost packaging solution during their purchase. It is what they need most at the moment.

To have a nice-looking card, you should have a package design that represents the company. The best thing about the standard business card size is that it can fit in someone’s wallet purse. To make sure this happens, keep your packaging design simple.

 Why should you consider custom pre-roll packaging boxes?

Packaging will play an important role in your business. It is the only way your product will be displayed to potential customers. However, a well-designed package can make people stop and give it a second look. The best example of this statement is Pepsi’s classic design!

A common mistake made by dispensary owners is that they pick unnecessary or complicated designs for their packaging boxes. You need something very practical. Something that represents the essence of your brand but at the same time suggests simplicity and minimalism. Get the best custom wholesale packaging for your marijuana products.

Keep things simple! This is a good way to package your products. Your card should have the name of your company, what you sell, and other details. But not much more. If you add more things, these items should be part of the design. However, don’t put a few random pictures on it just for decoration! Look at some examples below!

What is the difference between a pre-roll and a joint? 

A pre-roll is made up of many joints rolled into one. It gets its name because you typically use it to start a smoking session. The joint is the actual cigarette. Pre-roll means “pre-rolled.” That’s where the term came from! If you are not experienced with weed, then this kind of rolling might be the best way for you. However, once you get more proficient in rolling your own cigarettes.