By fusing denim with other materials, it is possible to create unique and fashionable jeans models.Consider the use of silk. 
You’ll need a pair of jeans, a piece of silk in a vibrant colour, a sewing machine, thread in a contrasting colour, scissors, paper, and a pencil to make jeans with graceful cuts. Just one trouser leg will need to be cut off of your personalised jeans in order to turn them into a fashionable article of clothing. The second one may be left alone.

Unseam the inner stitch of the first leg of the pants you’re going to work with. After that, create a stencil for your graceful cuts. On a sheet of paper, draw a basic pattern—a flower, a star, or any other design you wish to use to adorn your jeans. Cut out your prepared pattern and transfer it to denim, repeating the motif in the upper portion of the trouser leg and under the knee to ensure that the design covers the outside seam of the jeans.

A piece of silk with a front should be pinned to the back of the denim. Put the motif on the front of your subculture-specific jeans three times, once on the edge of the image and twice inside the pattern, with about one centimetre between each one.

Cut off unusual silk on the inside of the jeans, outside the outside stitching’s boundaries. In between the stitches, make cuts following the pattern lines on the exterior. Trim the cut margins short to allow the silk fabric to show through.Sew the inside seam down. I’m done now!

Another fantastic option is to use a handkerchief to decorate the rear pocket of your trousers. You’ll also need a pair of trousers with rear pockets, a handkerchief with a floral pattern, thread, a needle, and scissors, as well as hook-and-loop tape, glue, and a decorative button.

On the stitching of one of your pants’ back pockets, carefully unseam it. You may, however, omit this step and just sew decorations straight into the pockets of your jeans. Your handkerchief’s ornate corner was taken off after that so that you could tuck the edge into the pocket and hide the seam where the denim meets the fabric. Also, you don’t need a handkerchief to be pretty. Any piece of fabric with flowers on it will do.

On the inside of the pocket, glue a piece of handkerchief fabric that has been flipped over. By doing this, you’ll give the appearance that the front pocket section may be open. To create this illusion more fully, sew a button to the edge of the handkerchief cloth using denim fabric as well. In actuality, the rear pocket will open in the same manner as it did before our decoration. Your Getwear tailored jeans are now embellished with a unique rear pocket that will grab everyone’s attention.

The same method may also be used to make a stylish handbag; just cut out the pocket from an old pair of jeans, attach denim fabric, and sew up the seams to form a pocket-bag. Completely embellish the front portion of it, as previously said. Attach the hook and loop tape by sewing it to the pocket’s top edge. I’m done now!