The 3 R’s of Marketing
The fundamentals of marketing are not the 4 P’s anymore, now they’re the 3 R’s: Response, Results, and Return on Investment (ROI). And, by using marketing automation technology, these 3 R’s can be easily managed and quantified.
What is Automated Marketing?
Automated marketing refers to the use of technology to manage specific marketing tasks in an automated way. For example: A website might offer an e-book, available through a web form. When a prospect completes the form, an auto-response email would send the prospect a link to download their book. Further to that however, the prospect’s information is captured from the form and added into a prospect database. That same prospect could then be added into an automated email sequence of e-tips, set up to deliver over a scheduled period of time. For example, a series of 10 e-tips could be sent 1 tip per week over the next 10 weeks. The emails themselves could also contain links that could trigger any number of other automated actions, all of which could be tracked and analyzed.
How it all works…
To stand above the crowd, marketers today must be savvy enough to adapt their messaging toward specific segments of their market. Converting prospects into paying clients requires creating specialized messages and offers that speak to specific prospects. Through marketing automation you can hone in on the particular interests and issues important to your prospects, based on the actions that they take. For example: Prospects who click on a link of interest in an email, might be added into a new sequence, focused more specifically toward that topic of interest. This allows several sequences to work together to move your prospects through your sales funnel, in an automated way.
Built to Last
Effort is required when setting up these types of marketing campaigns, but the increased response rates make the extra work well worth it. By taking the time to target your campaigns toward specific segments within your target market, you’ll enjoy increased results. Once you have your sequences and tasks in place you simply put the program into action. Automated Marketing becomes your lead capture / lead conversion machine that runs continuously and efficiently.
Measurable Proof
The flexibility of customizing your campaigns and the response metrics available give automated marketing an edge over more unwieldy traditional approaches. Through automated marketing tools, inquiries can be responded to immediately – around the clock and around the globe. By implementing these marketing tools, results become highly measurable, revealing which marketing campaigns are the most effective – without time consuming and expensive focus groups. And, by tracking and reviewing your sales results data, you can easily calculate your marketing budget’s Return on Investment.