There are three (or sometimes, if one is really ambitious, four) things that all online marketers and online entrepreneurs want from a website or blog – highly generated traffic, steady stream of visitors that come back for more, and turning visitors into actual buyers. All these things, if achieved by a certain website, guarantees a bright future in the online marketing field.

Unfortunately this is not the case. Most often than not, online marketers struggle everyday to get those things mentioned above – they are even considered lucky if they at least get one of the four effectively.

If you have visitors coming to your site but no sale is made at all, all your marketing and advertising efforts will go to waste. And if you do convert some prospects into actual sales but they only come to your website only once, then you are still in for some serious online marketing trouble.

What you need is a website that both generates traffic and gives you some profit. Your website needs to make some sales and your visitors should keep coming back for more, but how exactly do you do that?

There are several ways to generate traffic to a certain website and there are also quite a number of ways to make your visitors into actual, regular buyers – you can do search engine optimization, article marketing, paid advertising, guest writing, blog commenting, build backlinks and so on. But if you have tried all of these and yet reached no amount of success, then perhaps you need to go back to the basics – email marketing.

The online marketing industry has been through a lot of changes and improvements that a lot of people forget how important and effective the simple, little marketing strategies are. Just because they are old fashioned does not mean they do not work, and email marketing is perhaps one of the oldest tricks in the online marketing business.

The great thing about using emails as a web marketing tool is that it does only get you that massive traffic to your website, but it also enhances your relationships with your customers. Just like how a direct, personal email works, opt in emails send out relevant information to selected (and targeted) individuals whom you think will like your product or service more.

Email marketing is both efficient and cost effective – it lets you send out personalized messages to chosen customers quickly and without spending anything. However, you have to make sure that the emails you send are opt in, which means that the customers must have agreed and have given permission to receiving commercial or marketing emails from you.

When customers actually “permit” you to send them marketing stuff, that’s a good sign. That means that they are willing to hear more about your products or services.