There is alot sites online that offers their visitors to get free stuff. This kind of offers can help you with trying new products – or just don’t need to pay for stuff you want.

Testing new brands, flavours or products are perfect to do with this giveaway-deals.

In Sweden there is a site called who collects a lot of different deals and free stuff. You can find deals in there from both Swedish – and international stores.

Normal free stuff in giveaways

It’s very normal regarding make up, food or gadgets to get a free sample. It’s very important for some brands to give away free products to marketing their new stuff. That will give all potential customers a chance to try the product – before they decide to buy.

It’s not very commen to get stuff that usually costs over 10$ as a free gift. There could of course be examples on extra generous stores. These deals are pretty easy to find – since more people are more likely to take part of the deal.

Remember to investigate the terms and conditions before you take a part of a deal with free stuff. It could be a negative experience if you don’t fully understand what you ordering home. Usually there is very good explanations on the site where you can order from.

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