Interior Paint Colours and Ideas on how our Mosman House Painters can make your house look lush:

Always choose bright colours to make your house space look big

When choosing the colours for your home, our Mosman Painters experience in providing painting services shows that white is probably one of those most common and popular choices. It’s a clean look that will make any room seem more spacious as well give it an airy feel good for relaxing in or just watching TV with all those windows open! Another great colour choice if you’re looking to create luxury into every space (though not necessarily requested) would be gray tones – they can help provide minimalistic vibes while still maintaining some sense of serenity too since their monotone nature allows them distinctive features without being overbearing about either trait.

If you are looking for that royal or sophisticated feel, then our Mosman House Painters  recommend blue as your colour choice; it has an elegant contemporary style which will leave guests speechless when they arrive at your doorstep! Furthermore orange can be mixed with gold dust (or another bright hue)to give off luxurious vibes inside of any dwelling—no matter how big/small those spaces might actually go into.Not to mention, it’s perfect for making any home feel more welcoming too since orange is naturally affiliated with being warm and inviting.

Last but not least, we have yellow which can be used to achieve a number of different aesthetics to your paintjob depending on what you are going for! If you wish to bring in more light and make a space seem brighter than before, then this is the tone for you as it will reflect off surfaces quite easily. When applied correctly, lighter shades of yellow can also create an illusion of increased height which can come in handy if you’re working with smaller rooms/areas. And like blue, it has that added element of cheerfulness which makes any house feel like a home.Our Mosman Painters can help you choose your colour palette and provide you with quality workmanship at a competitive price.We are Mosman based business and we can come and provide you with a free quote.

Our Mosman Painters advise : Add Moulding and panelling on your walls

If you have plain walls, adding a simple single shape modelling or panelling can create that WOW effect on your walls. Or what about a feature wall with wallpaper, reclaimed wood or simple wood panels. If you are looking for something super simple, adding some colored lines or shapes to one of the walls can bring your room to life.And yes your local Painters in Mosman can definitely do this for you.


Our Mosman painting services include creating beautiful feature walls that will transform your home. They can work with any budget and any style, so you can be sure to find the perfect look for your home.So if you’re looking for a way to add some personality to your home, contact our Mosman painters today. We would be happy to help you create the perfect feature wall for your home.

Painting a property,be it your home, an investment property or even a commercial property by any House Painters in Sydney Inner West can be a costly project.

From buying the paint through to hiring a professional painting company and cleaning, painting a house can be a big challenge for any home owner. Our Painters in Sydney Inner West have put together a guide on how to save money when organising your house or commercial painting. These secrets have been written thanks to our many years experience in painting houses in the Sydney Inner West suburbs such as Leichhardt,  Five Dock, Balmain, Enmore, Dulwich Hill, Marrickville, Croydon, Mascot and other surrounding suburbs.


Please read them, implement them and we guarantee savings on your home painting:


Our house painters in Sydney Inner West have been successfully providing extensive painting service covering property painting, interior house painting and exterior house painting as well as painting of any business premises for years with outstanding results. We have the most professional painters who give personal attention and detailed painting service to every single customer and most importantly guarantee a fantastic job. Our house painters are known for their dedication towards quality service that is detail orientated. They are also aware of the fact that preparation before hand is very important for successful completion of any task related to house painting or related works. House painting is a laborious task. It’s not easy to find an excellent painter who has all the right equipment, knows what they’re doing and can paint your house in no time without making too many mistakes! But we have just found them for you at  Workoo our House Painters in Sydney Inner West are professional painters that will leave nothing left undone on your important project.

Our Painters in Sydney Inner West will always ensure the house or the commercial premises are completely prepared before the painting starts.However, when the home owner or the business owner gets involved in the preparation, the time that our painters spend on this will be decreased, hence the painting cost is decreased too.So you might be asking how you can prepare your house,unit or commercial premises for painting.Here are few tips that can help you prepare them for painting:

  1. Move the furniture or any clutter away from the walls so better access is provided to the painters;
  2. Remove the pictures or any other wall decorations from the walls;
  3. If there are any rugs in the room,remove them too.
  4. Clean the surface that we need to paint.Remove any dust,dirt or debris with a broom or vacuum cleaner.