It’s amazing how some network marketers treat their home based business. Networking marketing is one of the best ways to earn residual income and can give you a life of true freedom. This isn’t a mom and pop type of business and it pays those well who know how to play the game. The industry gets a bad reputation from those marketers who quit within a few months because it didn’t work out for them.

If they would of stayed in the game and learned how to be a professional at networking marketing instead of bad mouthing the industry they would see that there are is a lot of money to be made.

The first piece of advice I would give anyone getting involved in network marketing is never quit! Don’t say I’m going to give myself a year and see how it goes. A year isn’t really long enough to get experience. Most of the top earners you see in your company did not do it overnight. They paid the price of years of rejection and failure to learn how to become a professional marketer. People will say he or she is a overnight success but they never saw what was really going on in the background. Also don’t get discouraged when you see new people come in the business and make more money then you and rank advance quicker then you. Remember it’s not a race! Everyone has a different warm market when they first get in. Some have acres of diamonds for contacts and some have a acres of manure. This is where knowledge and becoming a professional comes into play. When you know where and how to recruit top notch people in your business you will blow by those people who passed you up in the early stages.

As a networking marketing professional you need to be constantly improving your skills. To do this you need to learn how to prospect,invite,close, and train new distributors. Do not get overwhelmed. First work on learning how to master prospecting. Then master inviting,closing,training. It’s a sequence of events. When you get good at prospecting then get good at inviting prospects to look at your business. To learn these skills seek out a network marketing professional.

Majority of the top earners in network marketing are ex network marketers now teaching people how to become a networking professional. I recommend Tim Sales, Todd Falcone, and other big name trainers. Each of these trainers have a unique approach but they all have the basic elements of prospecting,inviting,closing, and training. On your down time listen to trainings or read up on these important skills. Learn every one of these basic skills in and out until it becomes second nature.

Lastly a professional always stays plugged in. Attend your company trainings,meetings,and conference calls. Every time I go to an event of some kind I learn something new that I can use to my advantage. To be a network marketing professional you need to be constantly learning. Let’s help give our industry a better reputation as professionals and not being annoying salesman.