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How to Clean Tesla Interior – Ultimate Guide

The lack of frequent and gentle cleaning of the interior is one of the main factors why a Tesla becomes less and less valuable and, as a result, its price drops when it is subsequently sold to someone. While cleaning should occur regularly in both the interior and along the body of the car, in this article, we will take a close look at how to clean Tesla interior.


Every part of your Tesla’s interior needs to be cleaned using specific products and different methods, so in this article, we will look at how you can clean different parts of the interior so that you have a comprehensive cleaning of your car, while not missing out on anything.

Here is a cleaning solution for you.

How to Clean the Dashboard

Vacuum thoroughly through the ventilation holes, along the buttons, and between the switches. Many debris and dust accumulate in the vents, so you should clean them thoroughly by holding the vacuum cleaner near them for a while to get all the dust-out. Don’t forget to clean each rib of the vents as well.


Pay special attention to each button and switch. You should purchase a soft brush to wipe down hard-to-reach areas. Many users use a toothbrush, but this is fundamentally wrong and leads to damaged parts.

Wet a microfiber towel, then wring it out so that it is not wet, but slightly damp. Wipe the entire plastic surface of the car thoroughly. Do not splash water directly on the dashboard, as water particles can get into the electrical parts and cause a short circuit. A towel is enough to remove all dust from the surface of the dashboard without spilling anything.

Apply Sonax Cleaner to the brush. Do not spray it on the dashboard, this can cause unpleasant consequences. When you have sprayed enough cleaner onto the brush, wipe the entire dashboard and hard-to-reach areas. Do not clean the gauge reservoir in this way. Do it thoroughly until you get perfect results.

Don't overlook the small parts that are near the buttons. But do not use a large amount of cleaner in these areas.

Next, apply a very small amount of cleaner to a disposable paper towel and gently wipe the gauge reservoir. You don’t want to damage this container, so you don’t want to rub it with a brush.

Once you’ve gone over the entire panel with a damp towel, you’ll need to wipe it dry. To do this, use a new microfiber towel.

Next, take Armor All and a clean towel, spray it all over the surface of the towel, and cover all the parts of the dashboard with this product. It will help you avoid further cleaning for a long time as it protects the surface from excessive dust.

How to Clean the Center Console

Below you will find a detail instructions how to clean the center console:


  1. Remove everything from the center console and get rid of dust and debris with a toothbrush, but don’t forget the vacuum cleaner.
  2. Take any all-purpose interior cleaner and spray it on the center console of the Tesla.
  3. Take a Scotch-Brite and gently wipe the entire surface. You don’t want to put any pressure on it so you don’t inadvertently scratch the console. In the dirtiest areas, you can apply a little more force, the main thing is not to overdo it.
  4. Where you can’t penetrate with the Scotch-Brite, a magic eraser will come in handy.
  5. Next, turn on the steam cleaner and pass it over all parts of the surface, without missing a single detail. You should be careful and keep the steam cleaner in one place for a long time, as well as keep steam away from outlets and USB ports.
  6. Take a new microfiber cloth and wipe the entire center console well, not forgetting the small parts.

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