Like it or not, there are a lot of customers that will choose a business just because of how it looks – either from the pictures on its website or from the outside of the building. This is because for many if a business looks run down, unkept, and uncared for, then the products or the services that are offered are likely to be of the same shoddy quality.

Although this is not essentially true, if you want as many customers as possible, and see your business get its nose in front of all of your competitors, you should pay more attention to how it looks to those who are visiting or walking past.

The good news is that getting your website looking more professional, modern, and sleek is an easy thing to do – you just have to hire a professional web designer to redesign or tweak what you already have. However, when it comes to the exterior of your business premises, you may need to put in a little extra thought.

#1 Plant Borders

Planting borders with flowers and shrubs can lift the exterior of any building and should not be left for only residential areas. If your property has a large frontage, you may find that it is best to get a professional landscaping business involved in planning and carrying out the work.

You may be able to hire their services monthly after installation is complete to upkeep the area and keep it looking as good as new. Even if you have a parking lot or not much frontage at all you can still brighten up the area and make it look more inviting by adding large decorative pots planted up and kept well maintained.  

#2 Replace Signage

Your exterior signage can start to look tired over time with colors fading, weather damage, and dirt and grime embedded on boards. Replacing these signs even like for like can provide your business with a bit of lift as far as passers-by are concerned. However, to make your business stand out further, having your signs redesigned altogether or to mirror the livery and logo on your website can have people noticing them again.

#3 Freshen Exterior Paintwork

Exterior paintwork should be freshened up from time to time as this will not only protect the materials underneath, such as door frames or window frames, but it is likely to make the exterior of your building look cleaner and more cared for.

Of course, you could very well get one of your employees to carry out this work especially, if you have a caretaker for your premises. However, to get the expert finish that your customers would want from your business, hiring the services of a professional painter and decorator would be much better.

#4 Smarten up Your Parking Lot

Unfortunately, over time parking lots do tend to show their age. If you are lucky your parking lot will not show signs of cracking, which can be caused by extreme weather conditions and many other factors. If this is the case, it could be as easy as just refreshing the paintwork to separate parking bays or to enforce traffic flow.

If, however, your parking lot is showing some cracking, splitting, or uneven areas you should call in the experts to learn more about how to get it fixed. This is another situation where having experts onboard is essential, as having a run down parking lot sets a bad first impression with those coming to use or buy your servies.

#5 Move Employee Exterior Rest Area

Having a non-smoking building is pretty much standard these days. This is due to health concerns as well as fire issues, among other factors. It is therefore a good idea to provide those employees that do smoke with a designated area where they can go on their breaks to have some downtime and a cigarette.

For some reason, some businesses put these areas where they can be seen from visitor vantage points – or worse, send their employees out the front of their property to smoke along the roadside. This is not a pleasing sight for any potential customers. You should make sure that these employees are fully catered for, and provide them with a place that cannot be easily seen from the front of your building, but is also away from flammable items and objects.

Final Thoughts

For your business to look the part and give customers the right impression, you should ensure that the exterior of your business premises matches the same professionalism displayed elsewhere in places like your website. Showing care and attention in this way should also have the knock-on effect of your employees taking more care when outside your business and improving your reputation locally.