As a self-published author, if you want your book to get noticed by anyone outside of your immediate family and circle of friends you’ll have to approach marketing in an effective way.

But there’s very good news!

Just as self-publishing makes it possible for any writer to transform their ideas into a marketable book, content marketing makes it possible for anyone who can communicate well with words to create a marketing machine that works just as well as promotion backed by big money.

The key to what makes content marketing work so well for self-published book promotion is that it allows you to pre-sell your audience on the idea of buying your book.

When your audience is warmed up before they see your book offer, they arrive on your sales page feeling like buying your book is the natural step to take next.

Your Author Website is Your Foundation

If you’re a writer who plans to self-publish your books, you must have an author website. There’s no way around it.

Your author website is like your launch pad, your ground zero or your calling card. This is where all of your current and potential customers will go to find out more about who you are, what you stand for and what you have to offer.

Done correctly, your author website is also the place where you will collect the emails of people who want to hear more about your current and upcoming projects.

It’s where you integrate your email marketing, blogging, social media and other content marketing strategies that all point your target audience to the goal product – your books.

Consider your author website as your content marketing “hub” and make it something special. Check out author websites from E. L. James, Gillian Flynn and Mark Dawson for inspiration.

Blog Your Way to Exponential Success

Having a blog is one of the best ways to leverage the power of content marketing to attract and presell customers to your brand and offerings.

In fact, along with social media and email marketing, blogging is one of the types of content marketing that provides the highest return on investment.


Because people want fresh content delivered on a continual basis.

Today, 81% of people looking for goods and services do research online before they make a purchase.

Knowing this fact, means that one of your major goals should be to provide members of your target audience with as much information as possible. This makes it easier for them to come across your information during their research, which leads them to your book offers, and eventually, to the point that they make a purchase.

Blogging offers the perfect vehicle for this process to happen and the benefits are tremendous:

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