How many people do you think are online trying to make money, whether it be from marketing their own product, affiliate marketing (selling other people’s products), through AdSense, through subscriptions, whatever? You get the picture.

Well, how many do you think? I had a look at just a tiny fraction of these figures (that was enough). I put some answers together to get an idea of the numbers involved. These figures I arrived at are not exact figures, nor could they ever be.

That would be like asking the question ‘How many people on the planet had eggs for breakfast this morning?’. I guess that you could never find the answer to that one easily. But you could guess that its a large number couldn’t you?

OK, well, lets look at just a few statistics to try and get a rough idea of how many people are interested in earning online (or actually involved with making money online), and then ask ourselves how we can swing these astronomical odds in our favor. We’ll have a quick look at Forums:

Internet Marketing Forums

  • warriorforum. com – The ‘Warrior Forum’ has 252,149 Members at the time of writing. That’s over a quarter of a million. If you are not familiar with the Warrior Forum, well its one of the most respected forums out there on this subject. Its a great place to learn about online marketing.
  • – Digital Point: Threads 1,908,295, Posts 14,482,094, Members 416,680, Active Members 55,912 More big numbers here. 14 million posts – wow that’s a big enough number.
  • Internet Marketing Community / 89635 registered users
  • – Affiliate Marketing Forum / Members: 81,732
  • Google Search: “online marketing forums” About 70,800,000 results

Questions About Internet Marketing Statistics

This is just a tiny amount of results that give a basic idea of the scope of this area. Some important questions we need to ask ourselves here to put these huge numbers into some perspective.

  • How many people are on the planet? Current Wiki Estimate > About 6,889,700,000 (that’s 6.8 Billion)
  • How many people are online on the planet? 1,966,514,816 / Almost 2 Billion + growing daily > resource:
  • How many everyday people want to make money online? I would guess a lot. People always need to make money. With the worldwide recession happening at the moment, a lot of people are realising that the online world offers a possible solution.

In other words: How do these figures relate to an online marketer? How many possible prospects for selling to are out there? The numbers, I’m sure you’ll agree, are massive.

How to Beat the Internet Marketing Odds

To stand a fair chance of targeting and selling to your potential prospects, you need to understand the numbers involved here. You need to understand how to go about targeting them properly. A wild shot in the dark just won’t cut it! And, you need to understand how to beat the competition at their own game.

And please don’t think to yourself “Oh the IM market is saturated and I’ll never make a dent in it and make sales”. Instead these figures should get you thinking along the lines of “there is a huge and forever growing number of online prospects out there”. We haven’t even mentioned the subject of ‘Niche Marketing’ here, which opens up a vast number of doors.