Escort Amsterdam

A lot of people ask theirselves is to hire an escort lady in Amsterdam completely legal, well it depends if you are using an independent lady without an license its illegal, normally all sexworkers in the Netherlands or sex workers companies need an official license from the government.

We did some investigation and the cities in The Netherlands are approving the agencies or sex clubs a license, they have to follow some rules but also they cant have for example a criminal record. W

Desire Escort Amsterdam

As we still see there is a lot of agencies without license and people don’t know that they will keep surviving what is not fair ofc against the official companies with an license.

if you want to order an hotel escort and your question is, how to recognize an illegal agency, first of all check the footer of every website there suppose to be a license number.

Also if you a website with only top models, and ask them to send a up to date picture from the same escort girl they wont do that so than you know this agency is not Legit.

We have seen some sites they make already some test with legal and reliable agencies we can send you an example from this review website they make a interesting top 10 list of the best escort agencies in Amsterdam this is one of the websites top 10 best Escort Amsterdam Agencies  As we see in several website the best agency seems to pop out is Desire Escort Amsterdam 

 And ofc some more agencies are reliable but its seems they are the top agency and trustful

They have a big gallery of Escort girls also we checked them out they send a real lady as on the website.

For more information about the best and most reliable escort services to not get scammed in your hotel with an fake agency check this website. or one of the review websites where they checked out several agencies.