Junk Removal Services

Everybody understands that cleaning and organizing are chores you can’t simply ignore, and

whether you’re the head of a household or overseeing day-to-day business operations, handling

all kinds of junk is part and parcel of the job. However, even if you have these things patted

down, there’s only so much a pair of garbage bins can handle. And when your curbside is

overflowing with mountains of junk, the waste collectors won’t be too keen on picking them up

for you.


That’s where junk removal services swoop in to save the day because anything that doesn’t get

taken away by garbage trucks is more than welcome on junk hauling and disposal trailers. And

before you challenge the professionals with Do-It-Yourself techniques instead, you’ll be

surprised at how much more advantageous hiring a team can be, ranging from cost savings all

the way down to convenience.


Of course, you might not need professional junk removal assistance immediately, but if there’s

anything we know best about unexpected circumstances, it’s always better to know a team you

can reach on demand.


How Junk Removal Works

Just like what it’s called, junk removal services and the junk hauling industry is a pretty

straightforward process to understand. When you have broken appliances that need recycling,

old mattresses that need getting rid of, or maybe even a full sweep and cleanout for a property,

junk removal teams step in and help when regular measures can’t afford to.

Meanwhile, all you need to do is prepare everything you want to be hauled away and get them

by the curbside on the scheduled pickup date. And in as quick as a few hours, they’ll be at your

doorstep to take these junk straight to their sorting and recycling facilities for eco-friendly



How Junk Removal Will Benefit You

Most people assume that junk removal services only offer the sole benefit of convenience and

time savings for those with a few extra dollars to spend. However, there are so many more

benefits to working with a professional junk removal team that people overlook, and it’s a shame

that only a select few ever get the chance to experience their expert assistance.


Specifically, you reap the benefits of (1) saving more money than DIY, (2) access to prompt and

efficient junk hauling services, and (3) having your safety and well-being prioritized over

everything else. And if there’s one thing Tito’s Hauling can guarantee, it’s our commitment to

excellence and going above and beyond your many expectations.


1. Saves You So Much More Than DIY Techniques

Most jobs outside the realm of hauling junk can offer cost savings if you decide to do

them yourself, and the better you get at them, the more time you save as well. However,

since junk removal requires more than just elbow grease, you’ll be landing extra bills in

special processing, multiple trips, and other unexpected costs.

Working with a junk removal team factors all the extra costs and processing into an

affordable package that you won’t have to worry about, and versus what you would’ve

spent flying solo, nothing can beat their price. Plus, even if you’re good at pulling strings

and connections, who’s to say you can match a junk removal team’s price in the same

amount of time and least amount of effort?


2. Prompt and Efficient Services That Never Go Wrong

It can be tempting to carry and haul all of the junk yourself, and if you have a pickup

truck and a free weekend to spend, it becomes all the more enticing to try. Sadly, while

you might think cleaning up a mess is experience enough, junk removal is an entirely

different playing field that requires proper experience to do right.

Fortunately, working with a professional junk removal team like Tito’s Hauling

guarantees that you receive prompt and efficient services that never go wrong. And with

experts on the job, you can rest assured knowing that they’ll leave no stone unturned

and have the removal project done much faster than you expect.


3. Puts Your Safety and Well-being at the Forefront

Lastly, one of the best parts about junk removal services is the guarantee of safety, and

since you won’t be doing any of the heavy lifting yourself, there’s no threat or risk to your

health. In contrast, if you try to do all of the work on your own when you have zero clue

what you’re doing, that’s just a recipe for disaster waiting to happen.

Junk removal services ensure that there’s nothing to stress about, especially your safety.

And given how complex and complicated a junk removal job can be, it’s one of the most

salient advantages versus DIY techniques and approaches.


How Much A Removal Costs


Junk removal job costs operate on a volume basis, meaning that the more space your junk

occupies on their trucks and trailers, the more you end up paying proportionally to their volume.

As a result, things that generally belong on the larger end of the scale, like refrigerators and

commercial freezers, will cost significantly more than getting rid of a few bags of yard waste or a

broken kitchen appliance.


Luckily enough, the price estimate shouldn’t vary that much if you provided all the key details

and have no additional instructions or last-minute add-ins for the team to consider. And if you’re

worried about going over budget, it always helps to measure and organize your junk piles first to

get a more approximate amount for the final costs.


How To Hire a Junk Removal Company

Although hiring a junk removal company might seem like tough work, it’s actually a lot easier

than most people realize. And in as easy as a few steps, you can have them by your house and

hauling your junk away in less than a day if you reach them early.

First, ring them up and get your free price estimate. We recommend providing as many photos,

videos, and information as necessary to get you as close to a final quote as possible. In doing

so, you save yourself the trouble of getting the budget wrong.

Second, finalize the pick-up’s location, date, and time. We suggest choosing a day when you’re

free as well because you might have last-minute additions to the junk pile or additional

instructions for the job.


Lastly, wait for the team to come by your property and monitor the junk hauling progress from

start to end. If the team’s not busy with other appointments, Tito’s Hauling can promise same-

day or next-day turnover times for most, if not all, removal jobs.

What Items Do Junk Removal Companies Pick Up


Junk removal teams will take just about anything you leave by the curbside, and as long as you

no longer need them or have zero further use for said items, they’ll happily pick them up for you

and send them straight to where they belong. Among the most common junk items include

broken furniture pieces, old appliances, yard waste, and even old mattresses you have stored

away in the attic.


However, that doesn’t mean nothing’s off-limits, and if it’s potentially dangerous to either the

environment or the professionals on the job, all hazardous waste materials are not viable for

pick up.

● Hazardous Waste Materials Are Off The Table


Things like paints, motor oils, refrigerants, and flame retardants, to name a few, are

among the many items categorized as hazardous waste materials. And while we’d like it

if we could simply dispose of these items in an eco-friendly manner, they won’t go away

that easy compared to biodegradables and recyclables.

As a result, none of these are available for pick-up, and you’ll have to get rid of them

yourself or get hold of a team that specializes in hazardous waste disposal.

Recycling Junk

Although many would like to believe that anything that gets shipped away to dumps and landfills

is out of their worries for good, this isn’t the most eco-friendly way of getting rid of them because

it still has a considerable environmental impact. However, junk removal companies, just like

Tito’s Hauling, have committed to sustainability, and since most junk is actually recyclable, we

send them to sorting and recycling facilities first.

For example, mattresses feature a mix of fabrics, steel coils, wooden materials, and others that

should go through proper disassembly and disposal. And whenever possible, all junk items

receive the treatment, whether it’s a mountain of kitchen appliances or several bags of old