Getting Leads is every distributor’s #1 priority in network marketing. How effective your marketing is will always directly affect how successful your efforts are though. That is exactly why I’m sharing these lead generation network marketing strategies with you today.

Lead Generation Network Marketing Strategy #1 — Never promote your company as the first point of contact with a lead.

If you are only promoting your company replicated website or a sales letter page, you won’t achieve much success doing so. Your first point of contact needs to be something related to what they’re looking for.

Trust me people are not looking for your opportunity. Most of the people online in the industry already have a company of their own. Getting serious leads with your company on the front page of your promotions will be challenging to say the least.

Lead Generation Network Marketing Strategy #2 – Work on your ad copy techniques.

This is a never ending strategy. The only way to get better is to get in the game when writing ads. I always write an ad, promote it at the advertising sources I use, and then I trash it. I then write a new ad and start the promotion process again. It’s all about testing. If you have an ad that performs well, make sure to take note of the ad copy you used for that ad.

Like testing anything goes, sometimes you’re going to have a fluke. You can’t change that fact but think about it this way, you just found out something that didn’t work. Now you don’t have to worry about making that mistake twice. Don’t keep an ad that bombs though, delete it and forget about it.

Lead Generation Network Marketing Strategy #3 – Think about the reason you joined your company and use that information for your promotions.

Like I said above no one joins a company because they want to join that company. They join in most cases because they want more time, money or both. Dig deep in your personal life and pull out the struggles you faced getting started with network marketing and connect with people.

If your ads and pages have a human side to them, you’ll see your opt-in rates soar as a direct result of that. In this industry, showing that you are a real person is what makes all the difference in the world.


These lead generation network marketing strategies may not have been what you were expecting but they are what you need. Any advertising method that you pick to use is pointless unless you use strategies like the ones I outlined above. You’re wasting valuable time and money by not taking the time to learn the right way to market your business online.