The first question that we should ask is what is marketing? Marketing is the process of performing research and providing customers with products and services. This work is all about promoting relationship between the company and the customer and keeping the customers satisfied.

Here are 10 tips for improving marketing that you will surely find helpful if you are going for a marketing job.

Modernize your systems.

With changing times you must start changing you marketing policies. Get inspired by some new ideas. Start taking the old marketing guides less seriously and give more importance to modern concepts. The internet for example can be a huge tool for good marketing. Advertising in the internet costs less and caters to a larger number of people which will benefit your marketing job.

Start email marketing.

Make a database of all your clients’ email ids. Give them the guarantee that they will never be passed on to random companies. Do not mail too much. If you email them occasionally about improvements, newsletters etc, they won’t be annoyed and you will have your advertising done with no cost at all.

Make your website.

Give your website more importance. Update it regularly and manage it properly by professional web designers. It will be like having a shop for you. Whether you keep it a shop or upgrade it into a boutique, place it in a shoddy by lane or in a sparkling cross road will all depend on how you maintain your website.

Build up a network.

While working on improving your marketing job, a network that will be not only big but also effective. It is better to have fewer people in your network than a large number. Just make sure that the people who you have in your network will be working hard, inspired and strongly motivated. A small number of people will make things easier to organize and communication will also be better.

Revise your fee structure.

Think before you fix your rates. While a low price makes a good deal, it also makes people doubt the reliability of your product. Give your clients quality service and do not hesitate to charge them high. If what you sell is worth it, nobody will hesitate in investing.

Attract, don’t pursue.

Pursuing a client can give very unpredictable results and not always favorable to your marketing career. Some people, no, most people hate being stalked by phone calls, excessive mail and sales personnel. Try a different way instead that will make your client pursue you and not the other way around. Make your offers more attractive, make your website more attractive, make everything about your company attractive.

Know your competition.

Have a detailed database of what other companies are dealing in similar services. Know what they are selling and how and for how much. Knowing your enemy is very important if you want to win the battle. Follow their market strategies closely for a better marketing strategy of your own.

Go for joint ventures.

Find a company with the same set of customers but selling different products. If you can approach them together then it is a win-win situation for both of you and your marketing career will flourish with somebody else’s marketing job.

Opt for endorsed relationship.

This is close to a joint venture but only better. Getting endorsement from a company or an individual who is already endorsing for your partner product can bring nothing but profit.