An important question before we discuss marketing strategies is… do you have a Marketing Plan for 2011? Do you have a 12-month Marketing Calendar that details what marketing activities you plan to take each week? Every day you go to work, do you know what marketing activity you must complete on that day or that week?

Your Marketing Calendar can be as simple or as detailed as you desire. What is important is that all the marketing activities you plan to complete are in your Marketing Calendar.

Let’s know talk about what marketing strategies you schedule into your Marketing Calendar.

I have worked in many a workplace and seen many a person put all their heart and effort into one marketing activity, let’s say for example networking. They attend lots of events, breakfasts, lunches, educational seminars sponsored by businesses only to find they haven’t taken on one new client as a result of all that networking. So they say, networking doesn’t work, let’s try flyers. So they distribute 10,000 flyers and don’t get a call. Flyers don’t work. I know… I’ve got a great idea… let’s put on a free information seminar… and only two people turn up.

They are constantly trying different approaches, searching for the wholly grail of marketing. Without realising it, many business owners are searching for that one marketing activity that will bring them a flood of customers.

One of the problems is that they are never giving the market time to get to know them. For example, if you had gone to one more of the local Chamber of Commerce meetings, one of the members had a good lead, however you weren’t there. One lady who received and read your flyer, was keen to call you but accidentally threw the flyer out. If you had re-distributed the flyer, she would have called you. She tried to Google you, but you don’t have a website, so she purchased the product from somebody else with a similar product she found via Google.

The trick is to develop a series of activities that you can commit to for the long term.

So it may not be about searching for that one marketing activity that works, but ensuring you have enough activities happening in your target market, so that your target market knows that you exist. Then, when your target market is ready to buy, they think of you.

The idea is that you develop a system of marketing activities that you can afford to commit to over a long period of time to enable brand recognition to occur in the marketplace, so when a potential client requires a product or service you offer, they call YOU.

Once you have created your 12-month Marketing Calendar scheduling your series of marketing activities, put it somewhere so you can see it regularly. There is no point creating this plan if it stays on your computer, and you don’t look at it.

I would recommend printing it, and displaying it somewhere where you can see it regularly. This should keep you focused on the activities you have planned to complete each week.

It is the regular commitment to action that will eventually reap you rewards. The rewards may not be immediate. But work out your system, commit to it for as long as it takes. Create a system that is easy to follow and commit to. Set your goals… take action… monitor your results and be pleasantly surprised by the results.