The single most important aspect of your marketing writing is to have absolute clarity on your target market, and to write in such a way that your exact market gets a thrill of recognition when they read your words. The biggest mistake that you can make in your business materials is to believe that everyone is your target market and to have generic information that doesn’t apply to or attract anyone. To attract your target market, you must be specific, have a clearly defined target, and describe them in terms that they recognize and identify with. You must target your marketing writing to attract your target market.

Here are some ideas on how to get a specific identifiable compelling description of your target market.

1) Start with your best clients – the ones you would clone if you could. What made them great clients – the problem, their attitudes, their budget, how they contributed to their own solution? We remember certain clients because of their profound result, and the joy of helping them get those results. Distill this information and turn it into composites of client “profiles”. If you want to upgrade your target market, think beyond these best clients to what you would want your future best clients to be. There are probably aspects of your best clients (in real life) that can be expanded out into those imaginary future clients. Be truthful. Don’t’ exaggerate.

2) What range of specific problems (that you can solve) is your target market struggling with and suffering from? Select out a slice of issues that you deal with. This carves out a niche, an area of expertise for you. Prospects will still inquire about related issues. Those more generic inquiries are not eliminated, but your specialty is obvious. You will still talk to a variety of prospects, but you will be known for a specialty.

3) Use words and phrases that your actual clients have used to describe their situation. This language will resonate strongly with your target market. They will identify with your description and feel that you understand their experience and “get” what they’re going through. This is extremely attractive to your target market – because it appeals to the human in us. Such language feels real, authentic, and absolutely desirable. It will make your marketing writing irresistible.

4) Move on to the solutions you provide. What can they expect to get from working with you. What benefits do you provide? What will these changes feel like to the prospect who becomes a client? What you want to do here is to take them into the fantasy of living in this transformed life – without those problems. What have you seen your clients experience? What have they said to you? What words and phrases have they used? What emotions have you seen and have they described to you? When done correctly, this ignites a strong desire in the prospect to have that same transformation in their life.

5) Know what you want your target market to do once they’ve read your marketing writing. Be specific about your call to action. Guide the prospect. Make sure that your request is reasonably, logical, and a natural, non-threatening next step. You want them to make some kind of a move closer to you and closer to working with you. You want them to have some experience of you and your work.

Your marketing writing must target your target market if you want to attract them. When you’re writing or revising marketing materials, your most important concern is defining your target market sharply. Be bold and be definite.

Suzi Elton provides business writing that attracts targeted prospects to your service business and converts them into clients for you. She is a Robert Middleton Certified Action Plan Marketing Coach, as well as a professional writer. Her website offers a free series of 8 assessments you can use to analyze your own site.

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