There are 4 stages to go from ‘zero’ to ‘hero’ in any network marketing company. Every network marketer must go through all the stages in order to reach the goal of financial freedom and becoming a successful leader. How fast you move through the stages depends on you.

Stage 1: Basic Recruiting (your warm market)

This is where everyone starts their network marketing journey and it is unfortunately where most also end it. The majority of people who see the vision of network marketing as a viable business in the beginning, quickly come to realize that there is more to creating wealth than chasing their friends and family around. Most also start out without any marketing knowledge or a business plan, and so when they reach the end of their warm market list, they have no idea of who to talk to and business subsides. Problem #1: They run out of leads.

Stage 2: Lead Generation (attempting to reach cold markets)

Once a new network marketer has talked to everyone they know personally, they will generally try to reach people by placing ads in local papers, doing trade shows and collecting names, advertising on craigslist, or bombarding Facebook strangers with business offers. Most raw lead generation attempts require upfront cashflow and the leads they get are normally very untargeted and costly. If they haven’t quit by the time they run out of warm market leads, they will generally quit when they find they are spending more on promos and ads than they are bringing in through their business. Problem #2: Lack of cashflow to keep their business afloat.

Stage 3: Attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing is the KEY to success in any network marketing company. The secret lies in figuring out what YOUR unique selling point is (everyone has one) and who your target market is. Once you have a clear idea of who you are and who you want to partner with, you need two things to get your business into massive action: a marketing funnel that personally brands you as a leader and allows you to generate unlimited, targeted leads, and a personal website or blog where you give value to your target market and build relationships with them. It is in this third stage that you will finally see your business take on a life of it’s own. It is the phase where people are seeking YOU out and asking to join you in business.

Stage 4: The Mentor

The mentor stage may take years to master but it will happen once stage 3 has evolved to the point where you are being sought out more for your leadership qualities than for your business opportunity. From stage 4 on, your network marketing company is simply one of many streams of income. From speaking at events, to writing books or creating info products, you will find yourself in a state of fulfillment and success… that can only be brought about from years of struggle, learning, self improvement, and putting into action what few others are willing to do.