Are you thinking about purchasing a new furnace and wondering what is involved in the process?

Temp Control Heating & Air Conditioning has outlined the new furnace installation process in this guide.

Furnace installation involves the process of installing a new furnace in a home or business. The process typically includes the following steps:

  1. Determine the appropriate size and type of furnace for the space.
  2. Select a location within your home for the furnace, taking into account factors such as access to gas and electrical lines, ventilation, and proximity to other equipment.
  3. Remove any old or existing furnace equipment. Temp Control Heating & Air Conditioning will assist with removal.
  4. Install the new furnace, including any necessary gas, electrical, or ventilation connections.
  5. Test the furnace to ensure it is working properly and efficiently.
  6. Provide the homeowner or business owner with instructions on how to use and maintain the new furnace.

It is important to note that furnace installation should be performed by a qualified professional like Temp Control Heating & Air Conditioning as it involves working with gas and electrical systems and can be dangerous if not done properly.