North York Personal Training is Coming To You

Busy Bee Fitness Experts are launching an extension of our personal training outreach to the North York region in the Greater Toronto Area. There are currently four personal trainers part of the team, all with extensive backgrounds with a variety of modalities and methods for clients. “We are very happy to be serving this vibrant area of Toronto in the North York region. North York Personal Trainer is a great opportunity and area with state-of-the-art condo gyms and beautiful parks to exercise in. We couldn’t be happier to extend our services to this diverse area of the city.”

Busy Bee Fitness Experts already offer services in many other areas and have recently expanded to Ottawa, Ontario as well. Most importantly, our group of experts work in several niches, including pre and postnatal training, corporate group fitness Toronto, nutrition and injuries. A customized approach to nutrition is of particular interest to us. A low carbohydrate program works very well in conjunction with the right exercise program. We know that everyone is unique so they require a unique customized program. 

  • Trainers are available 7 days a week and have flexible times
  • Train in a variety of modalities
  • Female personal trainers available across the city including North York
  • Programs include nutrition plans and guidelines for successful integration 
  • Support around the clock. We aren’t done when the workouts are done!
Unique Personal Training Programs in North York

What makes our team so unique? If you visit our website, you could view trainers profiles and make a decision based on Google reviews. There are literally hundreds of reviews from happy clients that will help explain what has worked well for them and their training. The difference between a good trainer and an excellent one is one that knows how to communicate effectively and offers continuous support. This type of support is offered around the clock, not just during the workouts in themselves. To learn more about what the Busy Bee Fitness Experts have to offer, remember that we also have complimentary online consultations to start with. From there, you could book our two-session sale to try out the service. Mobile personal trainers come to your location in North York and training can also be done virtually. For more information and to book your consult today, please visit our website and contact the experts. Stay fit and active and we look forward to hearing from you soon.