To broadly defined Mobile media marketing, it is the marketing approach of utilising the mobile form to deliver your advertising and promotions mix. Examples range from all forms of advertising and promotions is no longer limited to simply ringtones and games. The scene has flourished to include any products that can be marketed leveraging on the vast potential of this channel.

While many are still tapping on the proven and effective approach of first generation text marketing, or SMS advertising as they were known to be, innovative marketers have begun to dream up more extensive usage of this channel. Take the recent onslaught of cell phone voting of reality TV shows like the American Idol and you will understand that we are indeed at the brink of a mobile marketing explosion right here and now.

Indeed, the “Idol” shows in each country that are globally utilizing the voting approach, has inspired the lead on exploring this mobile channel beyond ring tones and games. Nowadays, mobile marketing is in the realm of 2D Barcodes, location-based social media and much more. And there is no stopping these innovations in sight too.

Direct response marketing utilizing the mobile platform has garnered extensive interest from many marketers especially of late, mainly due to the influx of smart phones since the end of 2009. This platform allows your customers to enjoy a two-way communication with your customers enabling them to respond to your ad messages. This is no unlike advertisements that you watch and hear from the TV, radio or print media. This platform is deemed as a more effective approach which yields faster results by virtue of its inherent attributes. It also helps product owners and businesses to foster bonding relationships and execute branding exercises.

The most often used mobile strategy is none other than text marketing which utilizes a keyword and mobile short code to run a mobile marketing campaign. The keyword is unlike that of internet marketing and is simply a name given by the advertiser to identify the campaign. The mobile short code is or what is known as SC is very often a shorter set of numbers used in place of the full string of your campaign phone number to expedite response and interaction upon receipt of your message. For instance, when running a free pizza promotion, you can inform your customers to send the keyword to the short code included in your message to order their free pizza. And yes, this is as easy as it can get for your free pizza!