It’s a new year (2011) and mobile marketing is poised to be one of the most effective channels of marketing. However, if done incorrectly it can show little or no results. It’s amazing to see Fortune 500 companies roll out their mobile campaigns with little or no thought process. Yes, you actually need a strategy to have a successful campaign. Many companies display their mobile opt-in message (ex. text fun to 123456) on the bottom of their web page in small text. The purpose of a SMS (text messaging) campaign is to build a list of customers, potential customers, members or target group. If I am not aware of your mobile campaign how can I opt-in.

Some of America’s popular restaurant chains have been early adopters in mobile marketing and have seen great success. Many have a lot to learn. For example, the waiter or waitress should let you know about their mobile call to action. I should see signs, posters or window clings. Mobile marketing is still in it’s early stage. Eventually it will be a normal part of the marketing program. There are 4 steps that will bring your mobile marketing campaign success:

1. Analyze your business and set goals for your campaign

You know your business. Do an analysis to determine your areas of opportunity. Decide where SMS mobile marketing can help your business. Ask yourself “What am I trying to accomplish?”

Sample goals:

  • Generate leads
  • Generate traffic to my business
  • Customer loyalty
  • Communicate promotions
  • Customer retention

This step is the most important and crucial part of your campaign. Without goals you will have no direction.

2. Develop and structure your campaign

Based on your goals you will need to be creative and pick SMS elements that match your goals. For example, your goal maybe to generate traffic to your business. In this case you may want to send your customers coupons for 30% off all your merchandise. Remember that most SMS platforms are capable of sending alerts, reminders, coupons and blast (mass) messages. Other popular elements are text to vote and text to win. Stay focused and never lose track of your goals.

3. Reach your target audience or market by correctly implementing your campaign

Develop marketing materials such as table toppers, VIP cards, posters and outdoor signage. Let everyone know how they can opt-in to receive alerts, coupons or whatever you’ re offering. Traditional channels of marketing and mobile marketing work together to make a successful campaign. If you are planning a TV or radio commercial make sure you include your mobile call to action. To motivate your target audience to opt-in you need to offer them something of value. Maybe a free item or a discount on their next purchase. Once you have built your mobile list, send out your message or mobile offer and proceed to step 4.

4. Measure the effectiveness of your campaign

Measuring your campaign results are very important. This will determine your ROI (return on investment). If your campaign strategy did not work based on your goals, you will want to make some changes. It could be as simple as training your employees to promote your mobile call to action at the register or adding it on the receipt. The software behind your campaign will determine what you can measure.

You should be able to:

  • Measure how many opt-in to your campaign
  • Measure which keywords are most effective
  • Measure how many received your message
  • Generate coupon codes to track redemption