kri kri ibexThe Kri Kri Ibex is the smallest of all wild goats and has the longest horns of any species (Capra Aegagrus Cretica). The Kri-Kri is the smallest ibex by body weight, but not by the length of its horns. A few specimens that were hunted without being reported were as big as 115 cm. The gold medal trophy is 61 cm (24 inches) in length. Currently, Kri-Kri ibexes are hunted in Greece. Hunting is available in Atalanti and Sapientza as well as on the mainland. An Ibex is hunted on Atalanti throughout the last week of October and the first week of December. On Sapientza, the hunting season lasts throughout November and sometimes the first week of December, depending on weather conditions. Kri-Kri ibexes are hunted on the mainland beginning in September and ending in October/November.
The Kri Kri ibex population is safeguarded on the two uninhabited islands by the state organisation Dasaiheo. In September, the decision is made whether or not to allow the hunting of Kri Kri ibex based on the population and health status. Currently, the only method to hunt for Kri Kri ibex is with a shotgun. The hunt is not physically demanding, and it offers an excellent hunting and tourism experience at the end of the Greek tourist season. The last few years’ average trophy size has been quite high, with nearly 90 percent of trophies earning medals and more than 50 percent earning gold medals.