Bulk SMS Marketing is helpful in all kinds of industries and is utilised by them to reach a broader audience personally. People apply it to launch new campaigns, promote offers, grow a business, and be the primary way of contacting their customers. These listed advantages of Bulk SMS Marketing still hold true in the new year of 2021. There are thousands of organisations in India providing Bulk SMS services, and the numbers have only grown in recent years. Here is the list of the ten best Bulk SMS Service Providers in India: 

  1. Mtalkz

If you are considering the leading Bulk SMS service provider, then Mtalkz is your best bet. For an instant rise in sales and higher customer satisfaction with intelligent SMS marketing campaigns, you must partner with Mtalkz. It is a one-stop store for your business. It stands out to encourage its clients by assisting them in finding intelligent and effective solutions for their SMS marketing campaigns. So switch to Mtalkz today and experience your business achieving new heights in the market. It provides a user-friendly interface that is easy to run by everyone. Mtalkz offers immediate delivery, low-cost services, and established trust in the marketplace. Its services have been taken up by established companies like Indian Oil, Max Healthcare, Zee Group, ICFAI University, etc. mTalkz guarantees to boost the sales pitch for businesses by providing them with the best possible service.

  1. Text Local

Based in the UK, Text Local offers services in India in partnership with IMI M, founded in 2005. Its services comprise Bulk SMS, two-way messaging, and email to SMS with several SMS packages for companies to choose from through the prices. In addition, Text Local provides features including vouchers, ticketing, mobile forms, surveys, mobile web page creator, and authentic real-time reports that help businesses keep track of the status of messages sent by them.

  1. Fast2SMS

They offer a simple platform that helps you send promotional, transactional, marketing, OTP and API SMS. Their services are created to support small as well as large business owners to develop their business. Customised messages can be sent quickly from the Fast2SMS platform speedily and efficiently.

  1. SMS Horizon

SMS Horizon is a solution provider that caters to businesses message requirements, irrespective of whether they want to market at a minimal cost or their objective is to reach a vast audience. The platform offers innovations like the excel plugin utility, API integration, web interface, and other HTTP, SMPP, and XML protocols.

  1. MSG91

MSG91 offers various products, including transactional and promotional SMS, OTP APIs. It has a unique feature called mCampaign that provides its clients extensive data and paves the way for customer analytics Google spreadsheet plugin and an Excel plugin which makes it easy to send SMS from a spreadsheet. It allows clients to use a variety of add-ons like Excel plugins, Google spreadsheets, and Email2SMS.

  1. Kaleyra

It is an API-based platform that equips businesses with chatbots, programmable voice services, personalised messages, etc. The company services are trusted by Fortune500 companies, top OTT, and more than thirty primary banks globally. In addition, Kaleyra’s robust SMS APIs promise a super-fast response rate. 

  1. SMS Gateway Hub

SMS Gateway Hub is a quick, competent, and secure messaging platform that gives high-volume Bulk SMS text messaging services for businesses and organisations of all sizes. Businesses can sign up for free and even represent the company as a reseller.

  1. Gupshup

Gupshup is a messaging solutions company with head operations in the US, India and the UK. It offers SMS, USSD, email, voice, IP messages, and chatbot developing services to leading e-commerce, retail, BFSI businesses. Today, Gupshup ranks among the top Bulk SMS providers in India.

  1. Exotel

It is a cloud telephony platform that pushes communications for businesses, startups, and small and medium enterprises in India as well as Southeast Asia. It started in 2011 and helped numerous businesses to deliver messages. It enables you to send SMSes to nearly 190 countries worldwide.

  1. AcceptSMS

AcceptSMS has radically transformed the way that any Bulk messaging platform functions. The company provides businesses with services on WhatsApp, the best among the private social messaging applications platforms. It guarantees high speed and deliverability, along with greater connectivity as compared to its competitors.